Hello, Neighbor! is like a classic mystery story with slasher elements

Written by: Jon Castillo

Games | Oct 29, 2015

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"Intelligence. Nothing has caused the human race so much trouble as intelligence." - Stella, Rear Window (1954)

In films such as "Disturbia" and its inspiration, Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window," which itself was based on Cornell Woolrich's short story "It had to be Murder" published in 1942, shows us that, we discover fascinating and frightful things in boredom. In all three titles mentioned above, the protagonist finds reason to believe that their neighbor is guilty of something macabre. As a single unit, it's a story about voyeurism and getting involved into the plot beyond being a spectator.

This is the basis of the Kickstarter project "Hello, Neighbor!" from independent game developer, Dynamic Pixels. It's a story about being the new guy in town, and becoming suspicious of the Neighbor, after discovering a heavily secured basement door.

The player then, finds his way into the Neighbor's home, which is strangely larger than it seemed, and get into the basement. Of course, it's never that easy. The Neighbor himself, will try to capture any trespasser, and appears to be a near-unstoppable creature, as he manages to pry open a bear trap with his own bare hands. Totally not the type anyone should be messing around with. And yet, players are forced to take on the consequences for being a peeping tom.

In all fairness, the Neighbor has every right to be pissed at the player for intruding into his home. But that basement door has been barricaded, watched by through a surveillance camera, and bear traps scattered here and there. The urge to shed light into the unknown is strong. I'm sure some of us can guess what's down the basement - as implied by the traps around the house. But it could be something else entirely.

Dynamic Pixels has promised one thing that made this game sound interesting. The Neighbor will develop its own learning curve how to deal on how to counter the player's every move. They keep mentioning that the Neighbor's artificial intelligence will keep on evolving, learning the player's moves to get the upper hand.

By this, I guess they mean, the same trick won't work on the Neighbor twice. Thus, encouraging players to keep on exploring other alternatives, such as using a chair to barricade a door. We can assume the longer the game goes on, the more aggressive the Neighbor will be in getting rid of the player.

According to Dynamic Pixels, they are creating a very interactive world, where majority of the objects in the game can be used one way or another. One of the examples shown is using a chair to barricade a door. While securing funds to perfect this game, Dynamic Pixels has in mind to randomly generate the layout of the Neighbor's house, which, will really spice things up for every time the game is played.

The developers are using Unreal Engine 3 to build this game. It's the same engine used for games such as "DmC: Devil May Cry" and "Borderlands." So we can expect a lot of possible features in the game.

As of this writing, the game's Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing, with about two weeks left on the clock to reach 100K funds. The game is planned to be released on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One in 2016.

To know more, you can visit their official website or check out their Kickstarter page. 

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