Henry Cavill will be Geralt in the Netflix 'The Witcher'

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Features | Sep 5, 2018

Geralt Henry Cavill Netflix The Witcher

Everyone has heard by now. Of course everyone already has. Who wouldn't? And our reaction is, WTF.

Was it the mustache from "Mission - Impossible: Fallout"? It is, isn't it? Well, we're not saying Henry Cavill is a terrible actor, it's just weird casting, is all. And certainly, we do not blame Mr. Cavill from jumping ship while he still can. We're sure he can pull it off, he is fit enough to pull off some sweet action scenes. Have you seen the abs on this dude? Oh my, where's an ice cold smoothie when you need one, cause we gonna need to chill down the heat.

For the part of the Witcher, as Geralt, we have always had our votes on none other than Mads Mikkelsen. The guy who played Jyn Erso's papa in "Rogue One" and as Hannibal Lecter in the TV series of "Hannibal," and as that angry angsty late bloomer sorcerer from "Doctor Strange." He has the default look already. Perhaps he was forced to turn down this role, because of his commitment with Hideo Kojima on the development of "Death Stranding." Sony has certainly been keeping things tight.

In any case, a live action of "The Witcher" is indeed exciting. It will kick off with eight episodes and based on little information about it, will take a bit more inspiration from the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski, which preceded the games by many, many years. 

We have reached out to both Mads Mikkelsen and Hideo Kojima for any clarifications and so far we have received no response. Which, probably isn't too surprising. If they do respond we'll let you know.

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