Here are some killer rhymes about 'Project Rap Rabbit'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | May 17, 2017

Gitaroo Man PaRappa the Rapper Project Rap Rabbit

Yo! Yo! Yo! This new game by the makers of PaRappa The Rapper and Gitaroo Man will allow you to drop some funky fresh beats faster than you dropped out of school!

Let me break it down...

Created by Masaya Matsuura and Keiichi Yano, 

the game will be for PlayStation 4 and Steam users, yo.

It stars a hare called Toto-Maru, 

a simple farm boy with a sidekick, too.

Named Otama-Maru, the dude looks like a frog,

and together they will embrace the power of rap, dawg!

Because in this alternate 16th century Japan, 

a devastating calamity befalls the land.

It divides the world and those who inhabit it, 

and the only one who can save them is this hip-hoppity rabbit!

But things won't be as easy as they seem, 

for overlords with outlandish dreams

seek to spread their vile corruption 

like STDs at a porn convention.

"So how do you fight them?" I hear you ask, 

why with rapping dialogue trees - a very unique task!

Like Mass Effect's speech wheel before it, 

the rapping system personalizes each and every word bit.

By listening to keywords that your opponent throws down, 

you can formulate a response to take them downtown.

Be it a joke, a boast, or a really sly taunt, 

bringing down their Swag Gauge is what you really want!

Though you both start a match with a topped-off bar, 

dropping down your own beat will get you really far.

And if you pick the right emotion for a specific rhyme, 

then you'll drop your enemy's bar to zero in no time!

Of course, the same thing can happen to you, 

so pay attention to their swag and don't be a fool.

When Toto-Maru's Swag Gauge drops below half 

a "Back Against the Wall" feature helps you get the last laugh.

It provides the more damaging lyrics you need

so you can rap better than Wiz Khalifa on weed.

With a unique soundtrack and a Japanese aesthetic,

this crowd-funded project sure knows what makes players tick.

Project Rap Rabbit is now on Kickstarter. 

It might come out next August, so help make the fan base larger!

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