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Written by: Jon Castillo

TV | Mar 28, 2017

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Have you seen the first two episodes of the fifth season of Samurai Jack yet? The series looks awesome so far and I'm excited to see how things are going to proceed toward the finale after a 13-year hiatus. If you're feeling the urge to binge-watch and don't have the time, the list below details what I deem to be the finest and most significant episodes in the series.

Episodes 1-3

When Samurai Jack first premiered, it showcased these three episodes as a single film. They introduced the nameless samurai, how he obtained the name "Jack," and how he adjusts to the new world he is forced into.

Episode 4: Jack, the Woolies, and the Chritchellites

Technically, this is the first episode after the premiere film and is important because this is where we see Jack experience the wild for the first time after leaving the city. Here, he discovers how different the world is from his initial predictions. After this experience, there is no doubt how Jack has grown wiser from it.

Episode 7: Jack and the Three Blind Archers

This is the first time we see Jack find a potential way home as he is hindered by three blind archers. This also the first time we get to see how skilled a warrior Jack is and how quickly he adapts to dangerous situations.

Episode 11: Jack and the Scotsman

This is only because the Scotsman turned out to be a fun character and someone we would be seeing over the course of the series.

Episode 15: Jack Tales

This a filler episode and is skippable by all means. It just tells three short stories of Jack's adventures and how he sacrifices yet another chance to go back in time.

Episode 17: Jack and the Scotsman II

I find this episode more important in speculative ways. Here, the Scotsman introduces Jack to the rest of his clan as they travel to rescue his wife. How is this important? Well for one thing, the Scotsman is here and you get to meet his wife as well. To top it off, Jack makes a lot of friends here, which is nice.

Episode 19: Jack Remembers the Past

This is an amazing episode. It starts out with a five-or-so-action sequences before proceeding to storytelling, where Jack thinks back on the simpler days of his childhood.

Episode 22: Jack and the Hunters

I had to decide between either this episode or episode 23. Both are fantastic, but this one showed that there is still good and honor left in the world, along with Jack potentially making powerful allies in the future. Or not. Either way, it's an awesome episode.

Episode 25: Jack and the Spartans

I'm putting this on the list because it was such a cool episode. I wouldn't be surprised if the Spartans make a return in the fifth season.

Episode 30: Jack and the Zombies

This episode kicked off with Jack cutting pieces off of zombies before Aku himself shows up.

Episode 31: Jack in Egypt

Besides being a really cool episode that shows Jack's childhood, it also showed new cosmic horizons by opening up a couple of questions that no one ever bothered answering.

Episode 32: Jack the Traveling Creatures

This is a very important episode that sets the stage for the fifth season. I can't decide if you should watch this first or the next two down the list and then go back to this. I suppose it depends if you want sweet moments or a surprising one. For reference, this is the episode that has that surprising moment.

Episode 36: Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master's Son

This episode delivers spot-on epic moments when Shaolin monks guide Jack to a time portal. However, Jack's judgement is cut down by honor.

Episodes 37 and 38: The Birth of Evil

Let's take a break from Jack and focus on Aku instead. This two-part episode shows us where Aku came from and the conflict that arises from the cosmic entities in the universe. All throughout the series, Aku is shown to be a goofy villain, and so we don't really know how dangerous he is. The episodes elaborates on this, displaying brutal and horrifying deaths of both beasts and humans.

Episode 43: The Aku Infection

Jack is infected by Aku's evil and seeks a cure. He finds a cavern filled by monk-like lizards who welcome him and offer a time portal home, leading towards an emotion-fueled climactic confrontation.

Episodes 45 and 46: The Scotsman saves Jack

Look, we all know where this is going. Jack will eventually find a way back in time and kill Aku, saving the world. If you look at this in another angle, the Scotsman may have actually saved the world by saving Jack.

Episode 51: Young Jack in Africa

One of those episodes where we get to see more of Jack's childhood.

There you go. 20 of the best episodes you should watch if you intend to refresh yourself for the fifth season. There's another episode called Jack vs the Ninja which is really cool, so you can add that in if you want. Only eight episodes remain until the final episode and Samurai Jack never looked this good.

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