Here’s how national teams are selected for the ‘Arena of Valor’ World Cup

Written by: Stef Atega

Esports | Mar 28, 2018

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The Arena of Valor World Cup is set to take place this July at Los Angeles and 9 teams from different regions will battle for the prize pool of around $500,000. The tournaments leading up to this event are already underway. The representative team from Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines (MSP) rose as the victor, and will be heading to Los Angeles this summer for a chance to nab the grand prize.

For reference, the 9 participating countries include Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines, Korea, Europe, North America and South America. These regions each earn 1 national team which are then supplemented with 3 wild card teams. The 3 wild cards are: the 2017 AIC Champion region Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, the 2017 TOG Champion Thailand and one more seat yet to be invited by Tencent Games.

For the MSP region, there will be two Valor Cup seasons happening right before Arena of Valor World Cup. Each Valor Cup season will determine four teams that will qualify to play in the National Qualifiers. These four teams will consists of the three national champions from each region and one Wild Card team from the group of Runner-Ups. Each team will battle it out against teams from their own country in the National Qualifiers. The best team from each nation will go head-to-head against each other in a Round Robin match follow by a Best-of-5 series in Road to Arena of Valor World Cup 2018.

The selection mechanism varies in other regions:

  • Thailand, Indonesia national team: Champion team of pro-league, or selected by the coach of champion team 
  • Thailand Wild Card: Winner of AWC qualifiers, but there cannot be more than 2 members from the same pro-league team 
  • Vietnam Representative Team: Champion team of pro-league, the team can choose 1 sixth man from the other pro-league teams 
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau Representative Team: Champion team of 2018 GCS Spring Season 
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau Wild Card: Chosen through online poll by local AOV players
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