In case you have the retention of a memory-impaired papaya, 2017's Pinoy Gaming Festival is now underway throughout the whole weekend of April 28-30 at the Trinoma Activity Center.

With the entrance fee being nonexistent, both gamers and onlookers are no doubt curious as to what this small, enclosed space holds. Apart from the familiar smell of body odor and people invading your personal space, there's actually a number of things to look forward to. Here's a rundown of all the booths to make your round trip through this sweaty crowd worthwhile.

Vain Glory

Also featured at last year's ESGS, Vain Glory makes an appearance at this event by way of a free-to-play booth wherein complete strangers are grouped together and made to put their virtual lives in another person's hands. Players can stand a chance at winning T shirts here as well as get a chance to see others duke it out at the main stage.

Project Xandata

Created by local studio Secret 6, Inc., Project Xandata is a first person shooter with a focus on class-based combat, customization, and teamwork. The game is available to play in its alpha stage and controls similarly to other titles of its kind; meaning you don't need to worry on how your character moves as much as the three enemies who just decided to spawn camp your location.

We even got to talk to Justin Tec, one of the producers, about the game. Watch out for our video interview on our Youtube channel very soon.  

Globe/ Mobile Legends

At the center of the entire event is the Globe booth, which houses stations that people can safely hide from the crowds and play Mobile Legends, a game that takes you out of the mall and into a fictional place with more breathing room.

A couple of contenders will also be at the main stage every now and then to show off their skills to the crowds without the audience having to look past the players' sweaty palms.


To the immediate right of the entrance you will find Ubisoft, a video game company known for its big sandbox games and even bigger lists of collectibles littered around said games.

Here you can brave the drug cartels in their newest open world tactical shooter Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, brave the brutal AI in their tactical fighting game For Honor, OR you can brave your real-life fear of onlookers by showing off your Just Dance 2017 moves in front of everyone.

Those who purchase any of their titles in Databitz's Trinoma branch during the duration of PGF 2017 will also stand a chance of winning limited Ubisoft items like shirts, stickers, and a belt bag with which to let people know of your ageing lack of fashion sense.


If the early bird promotion wasn't enough to get you to visit them, the MSI booth also features a number of VR games for you to try out on the HTC Vive. These involve shooting arrows and losing yourself in a world where your only concern is to avoid hitting objects in a parallel dimension.

Gamdias/ Viewsonic/ Plantronics

These booths hold discounts for their computer gaming peripherals and parts. So if you're looking for cheaper hardware to round out your computer set up before returning to the comfortable solace of your room, then dropping by the Trinoma Activity Center isn't such a bad idea.

Attendees of PGF 2017 also have a chance at winning prizes that will be raffled off to those who complete a series of meticulous challenges.

After getting at least five stamps or signatures on your raffle stub (which will be given once you enter the venue), you can drop your piece of paper at the drop box and hope that the announcers call your name. One stamp needs to be from Globe, while two need to come from official sponsors (Bacchus, Gamdias, MSI, Viewsonic) and the final two need to be signed by at least two gaming partners (Garena, Secret 6, Super Evil Megacorp, or Ubisoft).

So if you're tired of this inhuman heat and want to play video games for free, then head over to PGF 2017 this weekend and take advantage of people's misplaced generosity! 

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