Hitman Episode 5 will be set in Colorado

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Sep 7, 2016

Agent 47 Hitman Square Enix

Never content with killing just one ethnic group, Agent 47 travels the world again in search for more diverse trophies to fill his ever-expanding mantelpiece in Hitman Episode 5.

Set in Colorado, the American state known for its mountains, cocaine, and legalized marijuana, the bald assassin is sent to infiltrate a farm that is being used as a private military compound. So instead of fighting a barrage of angry farm hands with pitchforks and milking machines, you'll be pitted against classic thugs with guns. What a shame, I would have liked to fight off angry farm hands for once.

"Freedom Fighters", the name of this mission, tasks you with killing four targets who are equally dangerous in their own right. From environmental terrorism to chemical interrogation, these hippies hiding in the hills are some of the biggest contenders the Vin Diesel look-alike has ever faced.

Complete with new disguises and methods with which you can dispatch your targets or random bystanders, as well as 70 challenges that unlock new items, the fifth instalment in the episodic Hitman series is set to ramp up the action before the series one finale which will be set in Japan.

Hitman Episode 5: Colorado will be released this September 27, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and will allow us to get high. Literally.

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