Hitman's Season Finale brings us to Japan

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Oct 13, 2016

Agent 47 Hitman Hitman Season Finale Square Enix

As season one of the Agent 47's blood-stained adventures draws to a close, Square Enix has decided to set the series' finale in the craziest location that isn't based on fiction: Japan.

Home of shuriken, kunai, and oversized samurai swords, I could not think of a better place to conclude this reintroduction of the bald assassin to current generation consoles. And seeing as almost all the deadly things found on this green planet can be found within this country, I wonder why Agent 47 hasn't decided to retire here permanently.

But before he can retire and drink hot sake in his wooden sandals, our murder-obsessed foreigner has to complete an assignment where he has to introduce two more targets to the business end of a katana.

Set in a private hospital and resort, this high-security compound (because let's face it: all the levels in this game apart from the tutorial are high-security compounds) sets the stage for the "Situs Inversus" mission. Featuring Japanese hot springs, cutting-edge architecture and technology, plus an organic sushi restaurant, Hitman Episode 6: Hokkaido might as well be 47's swan song; because as soon as he evacuates all the previous residents in the most violent manner possible, he could easily turn the place into his new summer getaway.

The episode will be available this October 31 (that's Halloween for you non-believers) on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and will also be included in Hitman: The Complete First Season, the compilation of all of Agent 47's current generation homicides.

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