HOOQ Filmmakers Guild launches 5 original Asian pilots

Written by: Stef Atega

TV | Apr 9, 2018

HOOQ HOOQ Filmmakers Guild

The HOOQ Filmmakers Guild contest, which encouraged aspiring filmmakers from various Asian countries to send in their script ideas for a 13-episode series, has finally chosen 5 entries to debut on HOOQ's platform.

These entries are:

  • Bhak, a story about two filmmakers in the Bollywood industry which centers on themes of passion, betrayal and love;

  • Haunt Me, a Singaporean entry which follows a widower's destiny of ferrying lost souls to the ethereal plane;

  • How to Be a Good Girl, a narrative about a socialite turned ex-convict who tries to regain her life after her time in jail;

  • Aliansi, an Indonesian off-beat comedy about a creative executive who wants to prove that aliens are real through his ad campaigns; and

  • Heaven and Hell, another Indonesian entry which centers on the Eastern Indonesian mafia gang war.

The 5 entries were chosen from over 500 submissions. These pilots will now undergo judging from 5 renowned filmmakers all over Asia, namely Indonesia's Mouly Surya and Nicholas Saputra, Philippines' Erik Matti, as well as Thailand's Wasin Pokpong, and Puttipong Promasakha Na Sakolnakorn.

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