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Countless articles on the internet have talked about how to get your significant other into video games.

Unless you count yourself amongst the lucky few whose partners actually play video games instead of boasting about it while masking the fact that their gaming repertoire consists of nothing but Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga, getting your significant other into video games isn't that hard. All you need to do is lock them up in a room with the game of your choice and starve them until they complete it or die of hunger (at which point you should probably consider hiding the body after forcing them to play Dark Souls).

But what happens after you convert your partner to video games and reduce their overall body weight to that of a malnourished child?

Gaming adds a special factor to your relationship by allowing both of you to either go on a fictional adventure or mercilessly hunt each other down in competitive multiplayer. But you would be sorely mistaken if you think that being romantic in video games always means being sweet.

Here are six ways to let your special player two know that you care about them, even in the midst of a battlefield.

1. Teach them how to play the damn game!

Whether you're a boy, girl, or somewhere in-between, nothing infuriates a player more than being dropped into a new game and having to decipher the controls like they were Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Be it a crafting game like Minecraft (where surviving the first day is always the hardest) or a fighting game like Street Fighter V (where every new player hides in a corner and spams one button over and over again), taking the time to teach your partner the control scheme and objectives of each title will make them appreciate it more and let them know that you aren't just exploiting their lack of knowledge in order to look smug.

2. Don't always hold their hand.

They're gamers, not children (unless you're both really young and have your lives planned out ahead of you).

While it's a good idea to teach your significant other the ins and outs of a game, you don't have to show them every nook and cranny that it has to offer. That just takes all of the fun out of playing a video game.

Give them space to discover things at their own pace and if they have questions, nudge them in the proper direction. Don't just sigh and drag them along like a blind masseuse towards an old man's wrinkly back.  

Oh, and avoid spoilers at all costs.

Though they'll never thank you for this, seeing them soil their pants as they encounter the members of the Baker family in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is more than enough of a reward for keeping your yap shut.

3. Heal them when you can.

This holds true for cooperative games and is a no-brainer for anyone who wants their video game relationship to last longer than the time it takes to respawn in Call of Duty.

No one likes to die; this all-encompassing fact has remained constant for every living thing except clowns (because no one likes clowns). It only makes sense then that you would take every precautionary measure to make sure your significant other stays alive when he or she is on your side.

Drop health packs and ammo in Battlefield to ensure that everyone on the opposing team dies instead of your significant other. Keep an eye on her (or him) and try to play the healer for as long as your patience lasts.

It may negatively impact your kill-death ratio, but if you're willing to sacrifice a couple of matches until they get the hang of playing a virtual piece of media, then you, my friend, have just won yourself a companion who will be forever grateful both in-game and out (plus it's nice to have an online companion who you can call by name instead of their horrible gamertag).

4. Avenge their death.

In the off-chance that you cannot save them from death (or that you just suck), at least try to aim for second best and kill whatever it was that put an end to your partner's virtual life.

Short of environmental hazards, everything that murdered your significant other can be killed. Talking animals with weapons, bosses that look like a warty cow anus, all of these things can be introduced to a business end of a weapon.

You'll be happy you teabagged their adversary when they repay the favor by taking down that generic psycho that took you by surprise and made you fall to your death in Borderlands 2.

5. Give them gifts from time to time.

Now this is something I unknowingly do and only recently found out was sweet.

When playing games that allow you to trade items with one another, you don't always have to drop something with a retail value of an entire city. Just like in real life, it's always the thought that counts when giving gifts.

Be it a cup of coffee in Starbound or an extra clip of ammo in DayZ, as long as it isn't total garbage, you can be sure that your partner will appreciate whatever token of appreciation you can spare with your limited amount of fictional currency (it also frees up your inventory and allows you to carry more items).

6. Don't go easy on them.

This last and very important tip only applies in competitive multiplayer.

You may think that holding back during matches in Overwatch is a good way of showing affection. This could not be further from the truth.

If your partner knows you at all, they will eventually figure out that you are needlessly holding back in order to look chivalrous. All those missed shots and opportunities you're giving them to hit you? These only add fuel to the eventual argument that you two will have as soon as the match is over.

Instead of leaving the fight for later, take it all out on the virtual floor by handing their ass to them in various video games. After beating them on your own turf, make sure to bring it over to the games that they like and try to dominate them there as well. If they have any modicum of competition residing within their bodies, they will take this as a challenge and love to take you on their own terms.

There are countless games with different mechanics that allow you to put your own lovestruck imagination to use. From catching your significant other during Just Dance duets to feeding them food while in the midst of a lengthy VR session, if there is any specific way that you show affection to your other half, do let us know!

We'd love to get some tips on how to make these long, cold nights less lonely.
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