These static images are a fine medium between written text and videos. On one hand, they are superior to words because even illiterate Nazis can understand them. On the other hand, nothing quite captures an audience's attention like talking people trapped inside a small box.

Case in point: video games. Apart from movies and shows, how else can a person possibly stare at an inanimate object for so long? With countless stories being told through black mirrors, it's becoming easier to pick out that one instance that can spoil an entire tale in one second.

Here are some static images that ruin games both past and present. Take note that these include MASSIVE SPOILERS for the following titles, should you be able to decipher them: Bioshock  Silent Hill 2, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, Persona 5, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Batman Arkham Knight, inFAMOUS 2, Borderlands 2, Spec Ops: The Line, Resident Evil 7, Red Dead Redemption, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Undertale.

1. Bioshock

2. Silent Hill 2

3. Heavy Rain

4. The Last of Us

5. Persona 5

6. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

7. Batman: Arkham Knight

8. inFAMOUS 2

9. Borderlands 2

10. Spec Ops: The Line

11. Resident Evil 7

12. Red Dead Redemption

13. Half-Life 2: Episode Two

14. Undertale

 And finally... 

15. Mass Effect: Andromeda

Well... I thought that image ruined the entire game for me.

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