HyperX Alloy FPS Gaming Keyboard: Review

Written by: Stephen Sanchez

Tech | Mar 9, 2017

Alloy FPS Alloy FPS Keyboard gaming keyboard HyperX tech review

We recently managed to nab a HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard, which has just been officially released in the Philippines. Now, I'm no diehard hardware reviewer, so I might miss a couple of things, but here's my bright perspective on it.

The Alloy FPS has a compact design, giving it a lot of room for all your junk on the table. It's heavy because of the steel frame but gives the user confidence on how sturdy the thing is. Can you slam your fist down on it after getting owned in Overwatch for the Xth time? Maybe not, but it will hold up to a lot of jackhammer finger-power.

The keyboard uses Blue Cherry MX Switches, which gives it the loud "click-y" sound whenever you punch those keys. Unlike red switches, which are designed to be optimal for gaming, blue switches use their level of accuracy for typing. Despite this, a number of people who play first-person shooters prefer blue switches because of how it easy it is to push down the right keys at the right time - and that's where the "FPS" part of the keyboard's name comes into play. Which switches you use are entirely up to personal preference, but as a writer, I love the blue switches' loud click-y sounds, so the Alloy FPS works just fine for me.

On a side note, HyperX has included attachable red WASD and 1234 switchable keys with this keyboard. These keys are slightly more elevated than the pre-installed black keys, which does make a difference when in-game. As for typing, it's best to switch back to the original black keys as the red ones can be disruptive, especially if you are not used to it.

The back has two connectors: One to power up the keyboard and the second to charge up your mobile devices.

The Alloy FPS has red backlighting and it looks bloody awesome in the dark. There are four light configurations to style up your Alloy FPS experience such as wave and explosion, and an entirely customizable configuration that lets you choose which keys light up.

Unlike some mechanical keyboards out there that require software, the Alloy FPS is a plug-and-play experience. The absence of software paves way for a full-on gaming experience without wasting time tweaking stuff. The downside here is that there's really no way to change lights or further customize the keyboard, and that's exactly why the Alloy FPS only has red lighting and does not have macro keys.

If anything, the HyperX Alloy FPS was built with the intention of introducing mechanical keyboards to people who may have never experienced one or are just looking to have a really cool keyboard to play games with. Just an added note, the price tag is a little bit more approachable compared to other gaming keyboards, so that makes it a tad more appealing for aspiring gaming keyboard purchasers.

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