Gaming headsets have always been expensive. For giving users the ability to hear their opponents' footsteps and call them out to teammates, these pieces of hardware are usually priced on par with the rent of a small apartment. That's why HyperX has decided to release a reasonably priced headset for people who actually need their money for important things, like food or video games.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger is the company's attempt to deliver an MLG-like experience to those who have no aspirations of playing video games for a living (which is kind of sad if that isn't your dream). It's light, comfy, and it isn't bad to listen to or communicate with either. We talked about the headset a couple of months back, so if you want to know more about the specifics, you can check that out.

The headset does what any listening device should, which is to play audio into your ears even after they have been impaired by all the rock music in Doom or from hearing teenagers constantly insult your mother in various multiplayer games. With the 50mm drivers, I was not only able to hear all the aforementioned things, but the surrounding noise was reduced to almost nothing as I couldn't hear my neighbors murder timeless songs on their karaoke machine.

Contributing to the overall listening feel, the volume rocker under the right ear cup made adjusting the audio levels a lot easier than having to look for something attached to the cable of the headset or manually lowering the volume on the computer or television itself. Though it can be a bit flimsy (like my self-confidence), it does get the job done, even though the audio that comes out isn't on par with that of a dedicated pair of headphones or a more expensive headset that lights up like a Christmas tree for no apparent reason.

So how about that microphone?

If you haven't figured it out yet, hearing your own voice through any device other than your own mouth hole gives you a glimpse into the wonderful world of self-loathing. Though you won't be hearing yourself amidst the countless trolls in Overwatch, other players will be able to comprehend the various swears you utter and the cries for yet another character to be nerfed.

The microphone even comes with an added ability to automatically mute itself when you swivel it upwards, which saved me a lot of time and embarrassment whenever I had to go to the bathroom to drop a deuce. It's a handy little feature which should be implemented within all headsets, as gamers aren't the most self-conscious types of people when it comes to offending others online.

What else is there to talk about?

Regarding comfort, I found no problem at all when wearing these things for hours on end since the memory foam that covers the majority of the Cloud Stinger made it feel like my ears were being cradled by tiny puppies that were born specifically for that purpose. That said, I found that my ears would much rather get aired out than succumb to all the sweating that being enclosed in a leathery prison results in.

The metal steel slider also allowed the headset to fit my gigantic noggin and though it is quite large, the Cloud Stinger still has ample room to adjust for those people whose parents accidentally activated big head mode while they were being born. You can even swivel the ear cups when not in use so that they sit pretty on your collar (though there is no way to walk around in public like this without looking like a total tool).

For being a simple headset that does everything it is supposed to do, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is more than adequate for those who want to listen to their games and shout profanities at complete strangers.

It won't stand out in a crowd and doesn't come in any color other than black, but for roughly $50 or a little over 2,000 pesos, you can communicate with others online while not having to live off on rice and ketchup packets for the next few months.

We recently unboxed the same headset I just talked about, so if you'd like to get a more in-depth look at the headset and its microphone quality, the entire thing was recorded using the Cloud Stinger's built-in mic.

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