I’m still not tired of watching the cooking animations in ‘Monster Hunter: World’

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Features | Mar 5, 2018

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Even though the game has more animals than a maharaja's zoo, a great number of Monster Hunter: World's fauna is there to kill you. But there is one species in particular that players keep coming back to because it's... too... damn... cute.

Palicoes are one of Monster Hunter: World's iconic mascots. Unlike a Rathalos or Rathian which tries to turn you into edible pieces for its young, Palicoes are cat-like creatures which exist for the sole purpose of being kawaii. Most of these felines provide aid to their partner hunters whilst fighting monsters the size of your mum, but a select few Palicoes prefer staying in the hub area to cook instead.

Before going out to kill god-knows-what, hunters would be well-advised to visit the Meowscular Chef and his kitchen of meow-ry men... er-cats. His crew prepares meals which give different buffs depending on what ingredients you decide to put into your food (even though the end result is still the same platter of meat).

There are a total of three different cooking animation in the game; each one replacing the former as you progress through the campaign.

The dishes start off with a normal-sized fish before culminating in a gigantic feast created by the Meowscular Chef himself. It sounds lame talking about video game food, but believe me when I say the way these dishes were designed look so good, you'll be hungry for real steak after watching them.

Of course it also helps that the food is made by a crew of cats. Hairballs and health hazards aside, cooking can only be better if overseen by the animals of the internet. I try to avoid skipping these cutscenes whenever I can, because seeing cats cook does help ease the tension before killing a monster and carving its ass out for a hat. 

I already finished the campaign and am starting to realize how hollow it feels once you have every monster ass hat available, but I still don't mind coming back to the game every now and then to see these cats get their cook on.

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