'Industries of Titan' is a cyberpunk city-building game from the makers of 'Crypt of the NecroDancer'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Aug 29, 2017

Brace Yourself Games Industries of Titan

As anyone who has played any of The Sims games will tell you, playing god is always fun. From the moment you create a place for your minions to live in to the inevitable time when you get bored and burn it all to the ground, having the almighty power over a civilization brings out the inner sadist in all of us.

But drowning people in a pool by removing the ladder can only be entertaining for so long; and pretty soon you'll be looking to new horizons to test your moral compass.

Industries of Titan
is one such horizon. Set on Saturn's moon, Brace Yourself Games' newest title has you building an entire industrial city from scratch and creating an armada to defend it.

Players start off with a few buildings and grow their metropolis by utilizing factories to convert raw resources to literal building blocks. These blocks can then be used to upgrade various structures - turning mom and pop stores to conglomerates which can take over the world. Properly managing your workers, resources, and buildings helps grow your tiny city into one whose property value is through the roof.

Sadly, not everyone is a fan of progress; as other cities will send battleships to rain down hell on your technologically advanced suburbia. Thankfully, progress also comes with deadly weaponry.

Apart from constructing your city, you can also use resources to create a futuristic fleet the likes of which no one on Saturn has ever known. Weapons, shields, thrusters - everything about a ship can be customized and taken into battle in the game's tactical combat system.

Aside from a few screens and a trailer which looks as sketchy as the inside of a five-year-old's notebook, there is almost no information on the game, which is set to release sometime soon. Considering that the art and music are provided by the same people who worked on Crypt of the NecroDancer, expect the finished product to be pixelated and have a soundtrack catchier than your old mixtapes.

Industries of Titan will be out soon on the PC via Steam. You can keep tabs on this city-creating (or demolishing) game through Facebook and Twitter.

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