iPhone Xs: Review

Written by: Stephen Sanchez

Tech | Sep 24, 2018

Apple iPhone Xs Review

It's no surprise that this year's iPhone Xs looks no different from last year's iPhone X. Apple has that nasty bit of habit in sticking to designs for two or three years. With the iPhone X name, we might see an all new design in four years. Some of the Apple fans I know have told me that the design isn't much of a big deal to them. What's important is what changed in the inside. 

For the record, the iPhone Xs doesn't sound like your bitter "exes." This is pronounced as "10 -- S." I know, it's so much easier to just blurt out X - S, as in "excess." But what can you do? Call it whatever suits you, Apple can't tell you what to do.

Look, it's easy to say all this and that about the iPhone Xs. It's beautiful, yes. It has to be, it's almost a thousand US dollars. Can you imagine that being converted in local currency? Tangina this! It's made with all that premium stuff and collects fingerprints at a depressing rate. 

The display is absolutely gorgeous -- again, as expected -- it's carved from OLED and gives you 458 pixels per inch. You also get a meat 2436 x 1125 screen resolution. Which is, yes, yes, bottom line, the screen is damn good.

 The notch is still there, of course. It's a design trend   that plenty devices are copying, which yes, like it or   not, makes Apple a leader in the smartphone   industry. While other smartphones, like Huawei     P20 series have come up with clever ways to hide   the notch, Apple is much more subtle, by giving   you  a default background where the notch is   hidden. 

Personally I do not like the notch. It's weird watching YouTube videos with the notch. It's like a tumor that's constantly bugging you. To be fair with Apple, the notch has its uses, it's built with multiple sensors in it. So yeah, there's a lot going on in there to justify it. But it still quite annoying. 

 Old iPhones have always had one single physical   button that's easy to operate. With these old   iPhones,  if you get lost wandering around and have no idea what to do. You just need to hit this one little button and you'll be prompted back to the main menu. With the XS, like the X before it, that physical button has been removed. You're left with gestures to navigate around the UI, which has somewhat of a learning curve. It's not simple. It's not 100% user friendly. Apple believes everyone is tech savvy these days to instantly get it. It goes against Steve Jobs' simple navigation. 

For the cameras you get two 12MPs - one wide-angle and one telephoto. They take pretty impressive photos. Not great, but impressive. The king in smartphone photography remains to be Google's Pixel 2. Though the high-quality images from the Pixel 2 are the result of software engineering and not from well-crafted sensors. The iPhone Xs works pretty much the same, even what they call, "Smart HDR" where in a single shot, the iPhone Xs captures multiple images in different exposures and combines them into one super optimized photo. 

The iPhone Xs is a great phone, to be honest. Overpriced, painfully overpriced. If you have the cash, more power to you my friend. But if you're having second thoughts on the Xs or Xs Max, there's the Xr, right? Uh, no. The Xr offers iPhone X experience, but it has more downs to it by having a bad screen. It's not bad-bad, but all it can do is give you 720p resolution and for a phone that's over 700 US dollars? Apple has got to be shitting on you. Instead of an Xr, dial back to an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. You'll still be getting iOS 12, anyway, which is quite impressive. 

I've updated my ancient iPhone 6 to iOS 12 the other day and I have to say the improvements were clear as day. Performance skyrocketed with apps launching much faster than they did in the previous iOS (which took over 10 seconds to boot). 

So, iPhone Xs, yay or nay? Got money? Yay! Think brand name is important? Yay! Think Apple is the best there ever will be? Yay! If you're an Android user? Nay! Think Apple is overrated? Nay! Are you practical and a wise spender? Nay!

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