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Written by: Karl Medina

Tech | Dec 1, 2018

Earphones Jabra

Out of the blue, Jabra has announced their newest earphones. 

The Elite series has four new members, the Elite 45e, Elite 65t, Elite Active 65t, and Elite 65e. Announced last CES 2018, they are the latest headphones and earbuds engineered for outstanding music quality and voice quality. While the new Engage 50 is a new digital corded headset that offers superior call quality for call centers.

The Elite line of products has the best voice experience, its microphone technology ensures the best voice call quality. It also has support for voice assistants. Users can also adjust the sound to suit their preference using the Jabra Sound app. It also has the best durability with a two year life proof warranty against water and dust. The Elite products has the same best-in-class audio, and voice call quality, but they also have their own specific features.

The Elite 45e is for users who want the best combined voice and music experience in a headset with a discreet design. The neckband has memory wire that remembers the shape of your neck for you to be comfortable at all times. It is lightweight and its unique box microphone delivers the clearest voice communication.

The Elite 65t is the best true wireless voice and music experience. It is aimed for those who want the best sound quality without having wires. It is engineered to ensure a stable and stutter-free connection. The 65t also includes one touch access to Alexa, Siri, and Google Now. It also has 15 hours of battery life with its cradle.

The Elite Active 65t, an Elite 65t created for active consumers who wants to use it while working out or training. It has a heart rate monitor, an IP56 sweat, water, and dust certification. The earbuds also have enhanced grip through special coating. It can last up to five hours with two additional charge in the cradle.

And lastly, the Elite 65e. It has two levels of noise cancellation, it has a three microphone technology and noise blocking zone that ensures you can have a crystal clear conversation, wirelessly.

The Engage 50 has a unique 3 microphone system that filters background noise and breathing noise to improve call quality and have a crystal clear conversation. The 3 microphone system eliminates all noise that makes the call center agent distracted while working. The Engage 50 comes in two versions, a mono and stereo version. It can be connected via usb type c or usb a. It is compatible with on-premises and cloud based softphone platforms.

Elite 45e: P6,999
Elite 65t: P10,499
Elite Active 65t: P11,999
Elite 65e: P12,499

Engage Mono: $190 or around P10K
Engage Stereo: $210 or around P11K

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