Join the beta test for mobile MMORPG ‘MapleStory M’

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Jan 25, 2018

MapleStory MapleStory M

The mobile MMORPG based on the world of MapleStory will soon be playable worldwide. In the meantime, players can join the beta test for Android devices from now until January 30.

The beta test allows you to play 5 MapleStory characters: Dark Knight, Bowmaster, Night Lord, Bishop and Corsair. You can power them up by collecting jewels and taking down monsters found in daily dungeons. 

If you're up to the challenge, you can face martial arts master Mu Gong at the top level of the Mu Lung Dojo. There are also mysterious treasures to be found Nett's Pyramid.

As is the deal with any MMORPG, you can join a party of 10 friends and battle the raid boss Zaid for some exclusive rewards.

MapleStory M will soon be available at the App Store and Google Play Store.

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