Justifying the new Nintendo Switch hardware

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Tech | Oct 9, 2018

2019 New Switch Nintendo

If you haven't heard, the Wall Street Journal has recently reported that a new Nintendo Switch hardware is in the works. Set to launch sometime next year. Probably around March.

Midway through other consoles' life cycles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One released souped up versions of themselves, the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, respectively. Even though Nintendo is known for doing their own thing, but the possibility of launching an upgraded hardware should had never been dismissed.

Can this be a Switch 1.5 or a "Switchblade"? A Switch Plus? Switch X? Okay, we'll abandon the naming convention. 

The new Switch hardware is a move to attract those who haven't bought the system yet, along with the hopes to have others to re-buy it. It's also an opportunity for Nintendo to polish a few things, including the Pro Controller's D Pad, the JoyCon issues, and that damn kick stand. We might see the addition of other accessories, a stylus slot, for example. 

Also, we'll be getting an upgraded screen - that seems inevitable. I doubt we'll get a 4K screen, the toll of that would destroy battery life. Unless Nintendo will offer a multiple resolution modes. 

Most importantly, the Nintendo Switch was a huge hit. Indie games and third-party titles such as "Doom" and "Wolfenstein" and "The Elder Scrolls" are flocking over to it. Nintendo's eyes must had peeled right open and finally understood the power of developers other than their own household teams. 

Most likely the new hardware is designed to accommodate more power hungry games. "Call of Duty" or "Battlefield" on the Switch? "Devil May Cry"? ... "Kingdom Hearts III?" Yup, the possibilities are boundless.

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