Keep your galactic-sized robot fights contained in 'Garrison: Archangel'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | May 19, 2017

Garrison: Archangel Indigo Entertainment

The world just can't get enough of gigantic humanoid robots. Whether they be tourist attractions in Japan or featured prominently in your cartoons, it's only a matter of time until a lonely otaku marries a machine and starts a whole new race of sentient toasters.

But until that day comes, we have video games to fill in that lonely hole made by the lack of human interaction!

Last February at the Denki Megatech Convention, we got to try out local game developer Indigo Games' upcoming Steam title, Garrison: Archangel. Though what was featured at the time was still an early demo, beating the living crap out of the developers and co-workers alike was a nice change of pace from peaceful indie titles that wanted players to grow a conscience.

Now with a new trailer and a scheduled June release, the developers have finally shed some more light on this gravity-defying fighting simulator.

Like the Ace Combat and Gundam video game series, you can customize your chosen robot with all kinds of impractically large weapons before heading into the arena. Giant guns, cleavers, even oversized fishing hooks can be used as tools that you can sink into your opponent's metal backside.

But if you thought that changing a loadout wasn't enough, you can even personalize your mech by mixing its color pattern. What self-respecting Gundam pilot would give his machine a hot pink paint job? No one! But you aren't a troubled child soldier like they are, are you?

Once outfitted in your neon-colored agent of death, you can opt to either fight against a robotic AI or pit yourself against the friend you hate the most in split-screen combat. It's unsure whether Indigo Games has any plans for online play; but for the meantime, sharing a screen while being a booger's toss away from your opponent will have to do.

Based on what class you chose, your overburdened Evangelion can either boost through the air in order to close the distance or pick off your brightly-colored enemy with a gun the size of King Kong's dick. There are some balance issues regarding the classes, but combat is fair for the most part; with the camera and frame rate keeping up with all the high-flying antics these gymnast-minded robots do.

Horrible single player campaigns that are prevalent in similar titles are also nowhere to be found; meaning you won't have to shift through annoying speech boxes like an underpaid court reporter.

Garrison: Archangel is a fight-focused, multiplayer-centric game that will let players wish for an actual working war machine. The title is still two months away but you can check out its Facebook page for updates as it nears release.

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