2017 is looking like a real damn good year for films and entertainment. This year's San Diego Comic-Con highlighted a lot of good stuff that made us crap our pants in awesome. Here's the rundown:

Suicide Squad

The new trailer was all about Mr. J, a.k.a. Joker, a.k.a. Jared Leto, doing a few cool and sinister stuff. So far, nothing extraordinary stands out and this final hype train before the film's release in less than two weeks. Popular theory continues to hold that this version's Joker is actually Robin III a.k.a. Tim Drake, which means we can cross our fingers for a
Teen Titans film in the future and maybe even a Red Hood.

Wonder Woman

The new WWI setting where WW takes place shows us that we won't be running short on action. It makes a lot of sense too that Diana - Wonder Woman - starts off in the WWI era, because it would transition to WWII, Vietnam War, the Cold War, Iraq War, and so on; lots of war time where Diana witnesses the brutality of men.

Justice League

So far this has been pretty underwhelming. We were, say, expecting a bit more of a bang. I'm not judging the film's merits on the trailer alone, but, yeah, it is pretty anti-climactic. The lighter tone, however, is a warm welcome in our book. Some people online have disliked it, claiming that DC is starting to copy-paste stuff from Marvel. Like, it's either too serious or they're ripping stuff off. Come on people, give it a rest. Most of you will shit your pants when you see Darkseid and claim he's a Thanos ripoff. Let's just enjoy the god damn film when it comes out.

Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima revealed a "logo movie" for his studio. It's more like a teaser of what's to come. You'll see a submariner swimming in the depths of the ocean, with whales swimming around, jumping into the air like Free Willy. Suddenly, our submariner turns into an astronaut, planting a pole with a hologram flag. It's trippy, weird, and stays true indeed, to Kojima's brand.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Any fantasy film that doesn't have Tolkien and Rowling's name attached to it is prone to getting lost in the void. Fact. I don't think "Legend of the Sword" will be an exception. Not even Charlie Hunnam's abs will be enough to warrant a sequel. But I do have high hopes that this Arthurian fantasy film will kick off with a blast and epic moments. 

Doctor Strange

Wow. Just, fucking wow. This makes you think that Marvel players like Captain America and Iron Man are minor players of the vast and infinite spectrum of the universe. Just, fucking wow. Take my money.

Marvel's The Defenders

Netflix is having a lot of fun with their licensed Marvel heroes. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, will soon be banding together to form their very own mini-street-level Avengers. Daredevil has introduced us to a couple of big baddies who will no doubt have a huge role in the Defenders, while Jessica Jones' season finale showed us that there are secrets that may or may not connect her with Daredevil, and the upcoming Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The Exorcist

No shit! And no, it's not another lame-ass sequel. This one's a TV series and holy hell does it look as creepy as fuck. We're guessing the series will focus on the demonically possessed of the season. Or it could be an anthology where each season will feature a new set of characters and storyline. Anthologies are getting tractions after all. 

Blair Witch

Again! No shit! A sequel to the original found footage film that scared the hell out of anyone in 1999. Here, we see unknown faces walking into the forest in search for one of the dude's sister-which I assume, is the one from the first film. This film has a lot to live up to and we're hoping to experience the same level of chill we did from the first one.

Ash vs the Evil Dead Season 2

Fresh out of Jacksonville, Ash is with his friends Pablo and Kelly, chilling around, having a few rounds of beer and making moves on barely legal girls with a chainsaw arm, and when lo and behold! The Deadites strike again. Ash and his motley crew must search for the Necronomicon and prepare for an all-out war.

The Walking Dead Season 7

Nope, nope, just nope. We're still not getting any info on whose head Negan had smashed. We did get to see glimpses of Negan swinging Lucy - the baseball bat decorated beautifully with a barbed wire - up and down, and a glimpse of Lucy dripping with sticky, red blood. (Though fans of the comic have a solid theory. Let's just say, The Walking Dead's diversity count goes down a notch.) We got to see a bunch of new characters and Negan chilling out with the people of Alexandria. And of course, we get to see Ezekiel, and his roaring pet.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

What else can we say? Magical beasts have escaped to the Muggle world and Scamander and his friends are off to a quest to get them all back. The trailer shows all the aspects of what made the Harry Potter films such a success - humor, wild imagination, and lots of good fun.

Now that we've got that wrapped up. Let us know what you liked about this year's SDCC.

About the author: Jon Castillo

Jonathan is hiding from a lynch mob after messing with the wrong basketball team. His favorite song is "Boys do Fall in Love" by Robin Gibb.

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