KLab Cyscorpions holds its first public hackathon, "Change is Hacking"

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Features | Sep 10, 2016

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From the biggest world-shaping innovations to the smallest ones, every single thing that has made humankind the way it is today started the same way: with an idea.

But coming up with an idea is the easy part; everyone has good ideas. To get that idea out of your head and into the world, you need to have the skill, determination, time, as well as the support of like-minded people who are just as passionate as you are about making this dream a reality.

One way to go about doing this is through a hackathon. A hackathon's primary purpose is to jumpstart these ideas by providing developers, UI experts, designers and other game changers an opportunity to sit down as a team and work on the next big app or video game. 

On September 2-3, 2016, KLab Cyscorpions Inc. did just this when they hosted their first external hackathon, entitled "Change is Hacking", at their headquarters in BGC Central. The event was named such, in congruence with the country's current administration's drastic moves to change the country.

Hailing developers from various start-ups, universities, as well as their own internal teams, this two-day event aimed to develop ideas and apps centered on the theme of "building the next step towards a #BETTERPHILIPPINES ". This focused all the teams to center their efforts on increasing social awareness within Filipinos and inspiring them to respond to social issues.

Seven teams composed of 2-4 members participated in the event. Each team was given a mentor to help develop a mobile app from the ground up. With cash prizes on the line, the pressure was on for all the participants. The teams made use of their assigned rooms for 24 hours to flesh out their game-changing ideas. 

After a grueling, all-nighter process, each team was then given five minutes to present their finished product the next day. The panel of judges consisted of Bryan Batibat (President of DevCon Philippines), Anne Michelle Santos (Product Manager at Globe Labs), and Ms. Anne Pabustan (iOS developer at KLab Cyscorpions).

Although the event was an intimate little gathering of revolutionary thinkers, it is still in its core, a competition. In the end, three teams stood out from the seven and were rewarded for their efforts:

Taking third place with a prize of P10,000 was Team Regener8. They came up with "Huli", a mobile app that would allow Filipino citizens to take a more active role by voicing their concerns that they think the government should address as soon as possible.

The second place was given to Team Wy, the creators of "Rafael", a travel companion app that seeks to make commuting and everyday travel safer for users. The team brought home a prize of P15,000.

Finally, first place and P25,000 was awarded to Team Marius Angels for their creation "Ambag", which is a social platform that Filipinos would be able to use in order to easily give and receive donations.

When asked about the event, head organizer Nigel Rodriguez mentions, "I'm happy that the hackathon was able to showcase the talents of young innovative minds. This used to be an internal event but for the sake of other people as well as allowing them to pick up on these ideas, we made it external. Though there is room for improvement since this was our first public hackathon, I can still say that this event was an overall success."

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