Korean social MMORPG 'Z9 Star' is coming to PH

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Mar 27, 2018

Z9 Star

If you're a fan of Starbound and Terraria, you're probably going to like Korean MMORPG Z9 Star, which is launching soon in the Philippines. It's a 2D side scrolling game that focuses on social interactions.

Naturally, you can customize your own avatar. There are different costumes to collect as well as pets. You can also take on any job: you can be a farmer who tends to his or her crops or a shepherd who takes care of animals. You can also be a hunter who tracks down dangerous monsters, or a combat specialist whose sole purpose is to defeat the strongest players. Other professions center on cooking, mining, and fishing.

Z9 Star
allows you to build your own house and farm. Whether you want to impress with a huge mansion or live frugally in a log cabin, that's up to you. The game also features a dating system, in case you're looking for an online waifu.

It may be a 2D side scroller but the game has a lot of quests and maps to explore. Other players can even create quests. While it's mostly highlighting its social aspect, there is still the PVP feature if you want to duke it out with another player, perhaps someone who stole your waifu. There are dungeons you can raid as well, and boss monsters you can defeat.

You can already pre-register for the closed beta, which will run from April 5 to April 11. For more information, be sure to follow the official Z9 Star Philippines Facebook Page.

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