Injustice 2, the anticipated sequel to DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive's fighting game Injustice Gods Among Us, is coming out this May 16 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Before its release however, both studios have gradually been pulling back the curtain to reveal the title's playable roster. 18 characters have been announced so far, including 3 new ladies who are featured in the newly released gameplay trailer titled "Here Come the Girls".

Female superheroes and supervillains take the spotlight this time, as Cheetah, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman are revealed to be playable characters. Gameplay footage of the previously revealed Black Canary is also shown, as well as a cameo from Wonder Woman.

Other male characters such as Batman and Blue Beetle make their appearance in the trailer as well. And though far from womanly, even The Swamp Thing (who was revealed yesterday via IGN) gets some screen time, though his only importance is to get beat up by Cheetah.

Watch these women kick ass and show the world that no man can keep them down.

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