Last week's Rage Art saw some of the country's best players beating the crap out of each other

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Esports | Jun 8, 2017

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... in Tekken 7, of course. If you want to see a good-old fashioned brawl, head over to a pub.

Last June 3rd at the Playbook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop in Circuit, Makati, dedicated virtual fighting fans came to celebrate the long-awaited console and PC release of Bandai Namco Entertainment's face-smashing franchise. And what better way to commemorate such an event than by taking out all the frustration of the wait on the game itself?

With over 100 players competing in the tournament, Rage Art was a resounding success as the venue itself couldn't fit the crowd it gathered. This makes sense, however; with a Php 100,000 prize pool and competitors like "PBE.AK" Alexander Alvarez, PBE.Doujin, and Korean Echo Fox's JDCR and Saint, who wouldn't want a chance fight some of the continent's best players (or at least brush against their elbows)?

After a grueling day of fighting in a game that has been out for only a day, Echo Fox's JDCR ended up beating local champion PBE.Doujin in a 3-1 finals matchup which saw Doujin switching to and fro between Kazumi, Jack-7, and Lars as Echo Fox remained with his trusty Dragunov.

This is just the first of numerous tournaments that will spawn from Tekken 7's release. More characters will be introduced over time but until then, the future of the game looks brighter than Heihachi Mishima's bald head.
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