League of Legends 2015 World Championship: Finals

Esports | Nov 3, 2015

Finals League of legends

This is it! The final stage (and what a stage it was) of the month-long journey towards the Summoner's Cup. After all the clashes and base breaking, two teams stand in front of each other to battle it out for one last series. SKTelecom T1 is looking to win their second World Championship while the KOO Tigers aim to grab the Summoner's Cup in the first year of their competitive career.

And so it begins.


Nothing is more crucial now than ever, starting off with the picks and bans phase. SKTelecom T1 benched the Kench and also kept Kalista off the rift. On the other side, the KOO Tigers had to respect Marin's Renekton and ban him out. Early game played out pretty well for KOO thanks to the aggressive start their opponents were going for. They found themselves ahead in kills yet they were lagging in gold and cs. Going into mid game, team fights just proved how well SKT can play this game. They were able to maneuver around KOO's engages with good calls, great positioning and excellent use of Zhonya's by Kassadin and Rumble. KOO's composition relied heavily on protecting their ADC and once he gets taken out, they pretty much had no damage source so positioning was very important. After a few more clash and a Baron, SKT was able to overwhelm KOO in their turret dive which opened the path to their nexus. They finished the game after more than 40 minutes, without Baron buff.


Same start but different early game outcomes. SKT started with an invade and a level 1 dive under the tier 2 turret. Their rapid machine-gun fire aggression backfired as KOO killing them twice as much. Kuro on Viktor was getting a lead with his four kills from roaming. It seemed that SKT was getting a bit disorganized. But never fear, for Faker is here! He broke the momentum and slowly, his team got their groove back. He may have saved them from losing composure, but KOO was still in the lead. KOO is known for playing from behind and with them ahead, it seemed like they didn't know how to handle it that well. They baited Baron several times and when they actually did start taking Baron, SKT contested them. They lost Baron then got the dragon stolen. A few minutes later, SKT breaks their nexus with Baron buff. SKT gets to lead the series, 2-0.


Game 3 was a crucial game. KOO brought out a champion line up that they were very comfortable with. They went in for a pick composition with the Ashe and Thresh picks. Early game was pretty bloody. Hojin on Lee Sin got three kills for KOO. Their composition just totally threw SKT off their game. Every time SKT wandered a little too far from their side, they pick them off. Once they set up a fight, they usually come up on top. They were able to get a few aces in this game. Something that you usually don't see from the side of SKT. It got really bad for SKT, proven by the failed flash by Faker. With all the success in team fights they had, KOO closes this game with a commanding lead in kills, 12-29. Maybe the pressure got to SKT a little bit. They didn't perform as fluidly as they had in the past two games.


Game 4 was something that most did not expect. Experiencing a crushing defeat in Game 3, people would wonder the kind of mentality that SKT will have in the next game. Their coaching team must really be commended for the way the team was able to come back and play calmly, more focused, than before. The SKT in this game had their eyes on the goal the entire game. They got rid of the aggressive plays and went for the objectives focused style. They secured dragons and broke turrets methodically. They played the game so cleanly, so flawlessly, that they only gave up one kill. After securing Baron, they went on to their traditional Baron buff-powered siege on the nexus. Faker on Ryze was godlike at the end of the game. He played his heart out in this game. He got solo kills and even won 2 v 1's. There was no stopping this midlaner "God" from getting his next Summoner Cup.

And so, the 2015 World Champions are SKTelecom T1! They are the first team to ever win the Summoner's Cup twice. Amazingly, they only dropped one game in this entire competition. Kudos to the KOO Tigers for being the only team capable to take a game from them. Not bad to come second in an international competition on their first year as a professional team.

For the past three World Championships, a Korean team took home the Summoner's Cup. Will the Korean supremacy continue next year? Well, one thing's for sure. Faker has truly engraved his legacy in this game forever.

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