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Written by: Renille Ace Manaog

Esports | Feb 21, 2016

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Congratulations Summoner!

Hey! Done with your placements yet? I know, rankings suck at the moment so in case you want to grind to that next level, here are some champion picks you want to try out. These are based from the PRO leagues statistics. (Yes! Statistics has real life applications!)

This lane has great power (and great amount of solo experience) and therefore, has great responsibility. Teams who get their top laner ahead, control the Rift Herald a.k.a Rift Squatter. Plus, they get the advantage of unleashing that champion on the other lanes. Here are the top effective picks for this role so far:

  • Poppy - build her tanky to counter or with a little bit of damage for extra push and peel.

  • Graves - a power pick in this ADC-focused season.

  • Fiora - need I say more? Get her the items she needs and she will annihilate the enemy.

  • Gnar - it may be difficult to time his Rage Bar, but hit that massive ult in a team fight and you'll be dominating.

  • Lissandra - suprisingly, she can be a good counter to Fiora if played well.

  • Lulu - a typical flex pick with her damage, mobility and survivability.

  • Tahm Kench - I had to put him here because of SKT Duke's performance on this champ. With his natural tankiness and his AP scaling with health, he provides both protection and damage.

  • Gangplank - in rare cases that he gets through bans, he is a force to reckon with.

The jungler shares the burden with the top laner in making sure that all lanes are faring well. It is his job to assist losing lanes. So keep watch of the jungler, especially his buffs. Here are some of the top picks from the pro scene so far:

  • ELISE - if she doesn't get banned, it's almost a sure grab for the blue team. Her stun, damage and mobility gives her an edge over other junglers.

  • REK'SAI - tremor sense is such an advantage in controlling the jungle and adding her ult to a Twisted Fate in the mid lane will make so many plays possible.

  • GRAVES - the rise of the ADCs comes not only in the top lane but also in the jungle. He has been played beautifully in the jungle by several pro players and seems good for ganking.

  • NIDALEE - just a special mention for ROX Peanut's epic Nidalee games which shone some light to this seemingly out-of-meta champ.

In the professional scene, by mid game the match turns into an all-mid ARAM fight. Turrets on side lanes are broken and, usually, focus turns to the mid lane. Therefore, keeping your mid lane turret alive for as long as possible is the main duty of the mid laner. Controlling waves and getting a CS advatage is important. With that said, here are some top picks so far:

  • VIKTOR - he is the king of wave clear and has crazy burst damage.

  • CORKI - ADCs also rise in the mid lane. His damage on turrets, plus great wave clear, makes him a threatening mid laner, as SKT Faker has shown.

  • TWISTED FATE - plays with him need a lot of coordination, but when pulled of properly, results are amazing.

  • LULU - as always, the flex pick. Build her with damage with a bit of tanky items and you got a great damage dealer who can also keep your carry alive.

It seems like every other ADC has been moved to different places of the map this season. But not to worry, we still have our functioning ADCs in the bot lane. Here are some of the top picks for this role so far:

  • KALISTA - with excellent positioning and protection from the front line, she will shred through the enemy team.

  • CORKI - as mentioned, he has great damage, wave clear and, like Kalista, can shred through the enemy team with proper protection from the front line.

  • LUCIAN - his mobility and damage are still a plus for ADCs.

  • MISS FORTUNE - not picked as often as before but her damage is still there and, of course, mobility.

  • EZREAL - he has been played in the mid lane too but I must mention him here as a shoutout to SKT Bang's epic performance as he carried his team through bad situations.

Support carry is real! IMT Adrian has the highest KDA (22.7) in the NA LCS. He is still number one comparing them to other leagues such as LCK and LPL. Aside from him, CJ MadLife has also been getting MVP points from leading his team to victories through great shot-calling and setting up plays for his ADC to get kills. Who says supports can't carry? Well, try some of these top picks for this role:

  • ALISTAR - there is so much potential play-making with this champion. You may engage, protect or disengage depending on how you play out your abilities.

  • TRUNDLE - a champion who has been given more attention after MadLife played him in the ALL-STAR competition last year. His gigantic iceberg, I mean pillar of ice, has so many strategic uses when placed at the right spots.

  • THRESH - still one of the best support champions. His "lantern of life" is always a comfort for carries.

  • BARD - has been overlooked in the past but with better practice on his ult, towerdives and zoning may look easy.

  • BRAUM - stand behind him and you most probably won't die.

  • POPPY - rarely seen but is actually a good support. She's tanky, she can stun and she can wham opponents back where they came from (literally!) to turn a 5v5 into a 3v5.

These are just some suggestions based on results for the LCS, LCK, LPL and LMS. You can say that maybe they only work for pros and so on but then, those are the players who are updated on Patch Notes, nerfs and buffs. Most likely, they will be playing champions who are desirable in this season so why not try them? Gameplay can only improve with practice, after all.

Good luck, summoner! See you on the Rift!
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