LEGO: Quest and Collect Review

Written by: Jon Castillo

Games | Oct 6, 2017

LEGO LEGO Quest and Collect

With tie-ins from big companies, advanced robotics kits, and massive advertisements in movie format, LEGO is an unstoppable force. The company's mobile app, LEGO: Quest and Collect, serves as another expansive campaign to get people invested in actual LEGOs.

Similar to its core premise, Quest and Collect is about building an ensemble team of LEGO heroes (such as Kai from Ninjago) to take Brick City back from the Mad Creator.

The game plays a lot like most mobile RPGs. You have your controller which you use to tap virtual buttons on screen to unleash skills. There's an auto mode, which allows your LEGO party to run along the map and attack every enemy on sight, but you do get to intervene at any time and manually control the action.

Mild exploration is fun but the best parts are the massive boss battles. While they aren't too crazy, I can imagine my five-year-old self screaming "Whoa! That is so rad!"

As a kid's game, you can expect good, clean humor which can be so ridiculous, it's hard not laugh at it. The voice acting is superb and the graphics are sharp with detail and color. I used a Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra to review this game, which has an octa-core Mediatek processor and 4GB of RAM. The game flowed smoothly with fast loading screens and barely any lag, even when things started getting crazy in-game.

If you're a parent who allows your child to use your smartphone, do take notice that Quest and Collect has in-app purchases which can range from as low as P44, all the way to over P2,000.

Other game modes include PvP, which is surprisingly fun. With a huge roster of heroes to choose from, you could be spending a lot of time vying to reign supreme as the top PvP player.

There are other games modes such as climbing up the Mad Creator's Tower, which serves more like a survival mode. There's the Treasure Island to collect more loot. There are even Diorama levels which let you build a LEGO town. That last mode is by far the main reason kids will be begging parents to buy them the game and real life LEGO sets.

LEGO: Quest and Collect is a top time wasters for adults and the perfect distraction for kids. It's fun, simple, and is armed with just the right amount of challenge to keep players entertained for hours.

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