Let’s talk about Moira, the newest hero in 'Overwatch'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Nov 19, 2017

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With the overabundance of offense heroes in Overwatch, fans of a more passive play style (i.e. those who take too long to pick a character) are looking for a useful healer whose name doesn't rhyme with "thirsty". Since Mercy's dominance in the healing department since the game's launch, people have to wonder: is Moira any good?

Let's take a look at her abilities to find out.

Biotic Grasp

Both Moira's primary and secondary fire, Biotic Grasp is a damaging beam (kind of like a soft-lock version of Symmetra's Photon Projector) as well as a short-range healing spray which heals allies for 80 health per second. 

That 80 health may sound like a lot, but in this fast-paced game, it just isn't enough. The healing ability when fully charged lasts only 9 seconds and takes a long time to recharge (45 seconds) unless you're doing damage with Biotic Grasp's primary fire. This makes her more of an offensive healer like Ana rather than a floating Mercy or a Zenyatta who hops to cover in vain.

Damage-wise, Biotic Grasp is pretty good against a Tracer or Genji who is giving your team grief. Its 21-meter range is longer than the healing beam's 15 meters, so she can catch a lot of enemies off-guard and heal herself for doing damage. It isn't as strong as Symmetra's Photon Projector, but it helps with mopping up opponents who are already damaged by other, more viable heroes.

Biotic Orb

Very similar to Biotic Grasp's dual-purpose, Biotic Orb can be used to either (meaning only one at a time) heal allies or damage opponents, albeit at a faster rate. By throwing a levitating exercise ball, she can unleash a burst of healing which revitalizes homies and herself by 75 health per second or damage crackers at a rate of 50 damage per second without self-healing. The ability lasts for ten seconds or until the stock 300 healing or 200 damage of the orb is depleted.

The orb goes through shields and bounces off surfaces, so throwing it inside tight corridors to distract the enemy team is a hoot. Oh, and it cannot be destroyed by bullets or beams, but it can be turned against you with Genji's Deflect skill or absorbed by D.Va's Defense Matrix. 


This one's easy: it's a short-range teleport which lets Moira disappear and move a short distance. She cannot take damage or healing for the duration of the ability, but she is totally invisible AND invincible when it is active. Since the six-second cooldown for Fade is pretty fast, players will be using this to get in and out of fights Nightcrawler-style. 


By far one of the worst ultimate abilities in the game, Coalescence is just a gigantic Kamehameha of healing and damage - none of which it excels at. 

For eight whole seconds, you extrude this beam which deals 70 damage per second to enemies and 140 health per second to allies, all while healing yourself for 50 health per second. It doesn't heal allies fast enough to survive enemy ultimate abilities (unlike Zenyatta's Transcendence or Lucio's Sound Barrier), nor does it provide the damage needed to kill foes fast enough before they notice the huge laser light show pointed in their direction.

Moira herself is very open to interruption. The self-healing ability isn't enough to survive all the weapons which will be pointed at you, and you can be easily knocked out of your Dragon Ball-like stance with McCree's Flashbang, Ana's Sleep Dart, or Roadhog's Chain Hook, just to name a few.

As a healer, a team with a Moira almost always needs an extra healer in order to be viable. She cannot heal tank characters fast enough to save their lives, and her group healing ability has a limited healing capacity and a cooldown of ten seconds. 

She does have the highest damage capacity out of all the healing characters, plus her Biotic Orb can net her a lot of eliminations (in case you didn't know, doing even the smallest amount of damage to a downed enemy counts as an elimination). Expect her to get Play of the Game more often than her counterparts.

Second only to Lucio, I had more fun playing her than any other healer in Overwatch. Even if her healing game is pretty crap.

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