'Lineage 2 Revolution' will be launching its first castle siege; among other things

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Dec 14, 2017

Lineage 2 Lineage 2 Revolution Netmarble

Mobile games are a great way to tune out family members during Christmas events. They're loud, require a lot of concentration, and require only a single person to play them.

Lineage 2: Revolution is one such game you can waste your time on instead of socializing; and to get more players into its servers, Netmarble will be holding the title's first ever castle siege.

In this event, four clans (one defending and three attacking) duke it out inside a medieval castle. The aim of the game is to carve a holy imprint into this decaying building. Once done, the winning clan receives rewards, buffs, conquer shop, and tax collection. No date has been set for the event, but expect it to drop around Christmas time before your relatives come over.

While waiting for the siege mode, players can receive rare items just by signing into the game from December 8 to 15. This allows you to get three Grade SR Exclusive Equipment Selection Boxes, a Grade R Rare Exclusive Equipment Selection Box, five Maphr's Protection, and nine Unconfirmed Recipes.

Netmarble will also be giving a 30% discount or a free draw on 10 Material Boxes for UR crafting every 24 hours. They will even reduce soul crystal removal costs by 50%. These discounts will last until December 21.

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