‘Lineage II Revolution’ introduces new region and UR grade equipment in its latest update

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Nov 21, 2017

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The newest update for the mobile MMORPG Lineage II Revolution is going to change a few things gameplay-wise.

The level cap has been increased from 180 to 260, giving once max level players a renewed goal. Aside from that, new difficulty modes have been added to particular dungeons: specifically Hell difficulty to the Adena and Exp. Dungeons, Very Hard Difficulty to the Summoning Stone Dungeon, and Hard Difficulty to the Cruma Core Clan Dungeon. There are also additional difficulty levels for the Temporal Rift.

A brand new territory called "Oren" is also available. Players can expect to encounter new monsters, monster cores, and quests. There are also new fortresses in the Giran area which you can check out.

Furthermore, you can now get stronger gear by crafting UR grade equipment. To do this, just use SR grade level 30 equipment with Recipe, Equipment Material, Radiant Upgrade Stones and Scraps.

For more details on the update, check out the official website of Lineage II Revolution.

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