'Lineage II Revolution' launches its Fortress Siege's regular season

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Aug 30, 2017

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Mobile MMO Lineage II Revolution launched its first Fortress Siege last July, with each event running 30 minutes every Friday starting from 9:30 PM. Around 700 clans have participated since then.

But the Fortress Siege pre-season is now over, as a new regular season has begun since August 25. This means all records of conquered fortresses have been reset and new features, such as additional rewards, a new boss, plus a new area, have been included into the game.

Four new fortresses, namely the Plains of Dion Fortress, Cruma Swamp Fortress, Summit of Dissonance Fortress, and the Shrieking Hallows Fortress, can now be besieged, now that the Dion territory is added to the regular season.

Players can also challenge themselves by battling a new boss called Marsha, who can be found in the Deathly Fog shores. Be wary when dealing with her because she uses her blowing skill Bladewind and summons guardians to protect her.

The developers are introducing player Exp boost event between August 23 and September 5 as part of a player giveaway. Anyone who participates will receive medals that can be exchanged to Exp boxes and summoning stone fragments. The Exp medals include a buff which boosts physical and magical defense capabilities for an hour.

For further info, you may head on to Lineage II Revolution's official website and Facebook page. 

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