Local Fighting Game Community members gather at the first day of SummerSalt 2017

Written by: Don Cabuhat

Esports | Mar 9, 2017

Guilty Gear King of Fighters Marvel Vs. Capcom SummerSalt SummerSalt 2017

Last March 4, The Pad hosted the first day of the second major local fighting game tournament of the year, SummerSalt 2017. Members from the local gaming community once again competed against each other in a friendly competition for bragging rights (as well as a bit of prize money).

Day 1 showcased the best players in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator and King of Fighters XIV. As with every tournament, there were quite a number of surprises and stories to tell, and GameGulp was there to cover it all.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Runner-up: Bryan
Third Place: NM.Peter

The turnout for this game wasn't as high as expected but the quality of play sure was. With local tournament powerhouses present, it was still very much a tournament of prestige for the players who were competing.

IPT.VSG. Anton continues his dominance over the local Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 scene, continuing his momentum from the Manila Cup 2016 (he was the highest-placed Filipino player in the tournament, ranking third overall). He has now won back-to-back tournaments and is firmly cementing his place as the Philippines' biggest gun in UMVC3 for the upcoming Manila Cup 2017. Anton never lost a bracket in the tournament.

Bryan had a weird tournament this time around, as he lost to MJB in the first round and was sent straight to the loser's bracket early. Being a tournament heavyweight, this came as quite a shock but the man shrugged it off and made it a living hell for everyone that dropped down into the loser's bracket with him. Bryan fought back from being eliminated by fighting it out with Anton in the grand finals. A man who can't die - the perfect storyline (well, almost perfect) for the man with the best Deadpool playstyle in the Philippines.

Shout out to another strong game from NM. Peter. Once the main man of the UMVC3 Philippine scene, Peter hasn't quite gotten back on the throne but still remains a force in any Marvel vs Capcom tournament.

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

Champion: PBE.Tuks
Runner-up: PBE.Shinji
Third Place:IPT.VSG.Alden

It was a strong 19-man tournament for the Guilty Gear category.

The top four bracket was shaping up to be an interesting one, with rival organizations PlayBook Elite and Imperium Pro Team locking down two slots each in the finals.

PBE. Tuks took out teammate PBE. Shinji as IPT.VSG. Alden did the same to teammate IPT.VSG. Gelo, setting both players up for a losers' bracket semi-final match. Both of the losers won their first matches while Tuks took on Alden in the grand finals.

From then on, it was Playbook Elite's show as PBE. Tuks sent Alden to the losers' bracket and Shinji eliminated Gelo from the tournament. Shinji then sent Alden packing, claiming sole responsibility for eliminating the two Imperium players left in the tournament and earning a rematch with Tuks in the grand finals.

History repeated itself however, as Tuks defeated Shinji in the grand finals. Shinji's Slayer pick gambit didn't pay off as the blitz was calmly shrugged off by Tuks, forcing Shinji to go back to his main character, May. What followed was a showcase of zoning and punishing skills that displayed why they were the best Guilty Gear players in the country.

Shinji scored a hard-earned point as May, but Tuks calmly adjusted his Zato and took out Shinji to claim top prize in SummerSalt 2017.

Although there wasn't much surprise in the outcome of the tournament, the fights still showcased some high-level Guilty Gear play.

King of Fighters XIV

Champion: NM.Jay Ar
Runner-up: NM. Icky
Third Place: NM. Lolo Morte

I was delightfully surprised and impressed with the King of Fighters local community. The tournament was 20 players strong - the highest number of contestants in any of the three tournaments held that day.

And these guys weren't just there to make their numbers swell; they were really good. I thought that King of Fighters was too retro to still be relevant in these days, but apparently retro is fine and alive with these guys. The atmosphere was incredible. They were a lively bunch, as they were both jovial and competitive at the same time.

NM. Jay Ar taking home the top prize wasn't a surprise though, as the man is considered the best King of Fighters player in the Philippines right now. He is a straight-up beast with Kula and Leona as his main characters. The fact that his impeccable spacing and knowledge of the game's engine is second to none cements him as the local *ehem* king of fighters.

The bigger surprise is NM. Icky's dominant run against a very strong pool of players, with his only losses being to JayAr, once in the winners' finals and again in the grand finals. But what was even more impressive is that he took JayAr to the brink; fighthing the whole five rounds in the grand finals. He actually led 2 to 1 by the end of round 3, forcing JayAr to make a lineup change and a shuffle up his roster. There seems to be something about his Athena as the opening character that always gets his opponents off-balance.

All in all, the King of Fighters tournament was a great watch with the other players showing off real skills as well. The tournament opened my eyes on how alive and well the community is and I'm looking forward to seeing more of these guys in the future.

The first day of SummerSalt 2017 was a success and I can't wait for day 2, which features Mortal Kombat XL, Blazblue: Central Fiction, and Street Fighter V. If you're interested in joining, complete details and links can be found here.

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