League of Legends Worlds: Semifinals

Esports | Oct 27, 2015

League of Legends LoL Semifinals

The first semifinal match for League of Legends' 2015 Worlds Championship. This match was between Europe's Origen and Korea's SKTelecom T1. Fans were torn for this match up. The analyst desk votes were purely for SKT but they admit that it could potentially be a difficult series for them. SKT may be undefeated but Origen has shown an impressive performance in their first year in the professional gaming stage and will most likely pose some challenge.

Day 1 - SKT vs OG

In game 1, Origen lives up to peoples' expectations by gaining a lead over SKT in the early game. With good calls and good plays executed well by the individual players, OG was able to stay ahead going into the late game. They managed to be the first team to ever take a tier 2 turret from SKT in this competition. They even went as close as destroying one inhibitor turret but was not able to break the turret itself. A huge momentum swing came after SKT was able to secure the dragon, then the Baron after that. The Korean opted to go for a 4-1 split push, with Marin's Fiora putting a lot of pressure  on the top lane. They were able to break 3 turrets with the Baron buff and Marin solo killed SoaZ while inside OG's base. This technique really paid off for SKT, allowing them to secure the next Baron which empowered them to burst through OG's base, breaking all turrets and ultimately the nexus. This game have been a bit played out compared to SKT's other games, but Easyhoon's late game Azir did a lot to grab the victory. His ultimate just puts the opponents in a position where they will not be able to attack their back line.

Game 2 started with Origen looking to take the game early on with the first blood on SoaZ. This is actually the first time that SKTelecom has given up first blood to their opponents. OG continued their aggression with ganks and dives, against Marin particularly. They took away his Fiora during the picks and bans phase because of the amount of damage it can do in his hands. They do manage to get a couple more kills through this, mostly on the bottom lane though. Marin have been focused on several times but most of the time he manages to escape and, not only that, he even ended up with a gold advantage over OG's top laner, SoaZ. He was even three levels higher than him at some point in the game. SKT showed how well they can play the map and work to get objectives. Whenever they set their eyes on an objective, they plan it out earlier on. Individual skills of the players shining through as they execute these plans flawlessly. Wolf on Tahm Kench proved how powerful, and frightening at the same time, Abyssal Voyage can be. He can flank, save his team mates and initiate fights. SKT seemed to have been challenged in this game too. They triuphed with the Aspect of the Dragon, instead of their usual Baron buff.

Faker gets substituted in. Game 3 just got a whole level harder for Origen. One can just guess how they handled the pressure, especially after two close games that ended in their defeat. With the threat that Wolf brought in the last game, they had to ban Tahm Kench for this game. After removing a threat, OG picks strong champions for the top lane and jungle. These two picks had great potential in the early game. SoaZ on Gnar had an awesome play against two SKT members and Amazing on Lee Sin provided that initiation that his team needed to get those early kills. The whole team did a great job in moving a round the map to avoid being caught by enemy champions and when they grouped, they looked to start a fight. It seemed that they had a good fight in their hands as they went into mid game, but unfortunately for them, SKT has this ability to turn a bad scenario into their favor. SKT lost their support, Wolf, in that fight yet they were not rattled. They bided their time, waited for the opportune moment and picked of OG one by one for a delayed ace. After that, there was no one to contest the Baron. A 1-3-1 split push spread the buff to all lanes and even though OG managed to kill Marin in the bot lane, he just teleports back after he respawns. He know his team is capable of going all the way. And they did. SKT, with their traditional Baron buff empowered push, ends the game and closes the series, 3-0. They remain undefeated in this competition!

This series has truly lived up to all the hype building up over the week. It seemed unlikely that SKT would drop a game in this competition but most people think that Origen is a team that is capable of taking atleast one game from them. They almost did. OG undeniably gave SKT a challenge in this series. Their games were unlike the ones that SKT have played in the past. They gave up first blood, their tier 2 turret gets broken, they had a gold deficit for the majority of a game and they had one of their longest games (Game 1 lasted for 43 minutes). Origen is definitely not a pushover. They had their lead but fell short of closing in for the victory. Putting that aside, they are still one of the top four teams in the world right now. For a team that was created only this year, that is actually not a bad achievement.

SKTelecom T1 has secured their second finals match in a Wolds Championship and still has the potential to go undefeated. They must wait another week before they face their opponents, who will be decided in tomorrow's match. Will Fnatic go for another Worlds Championship finals match, too? Or will it be a battle between Koreans, KOO vs SKT?

It would be interesting to see SKT and FNC in the finals, thou. Both would be gunning for their second Worlds Championship trophy, the Summoner's Cup, and be the first ever team to achieve that. So, #FNCWIN, anyone? Stay tuned tommorow. Match starts at 6:00 am PDT/ 3:00 pm CEST.

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