Looking back: Star Wars Battlefront II

Games | Dec 9, 2015

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Many people are panning out the latest Battlefront game with its lackluster depth compared to previous iterations and just being named as "Battlefield with a Star Wars theme". This time, we'll take a look at the previous entry in the series and see if it still holds up today.

Star Wars: Battlefront II was released in 2005, and for its time, this game was pretty big. Essentially, the original Battlefront was a battle-for-conquest shooter that required communication and a team based approach in order to achieve victory. What made the game great was how it felt like you were battling wars in the stars. You can drive vehicles from the franchise ranging from Speedbikes to Snowspeeders. John Williams' work is absolutely perfect to listen to while doing these skirmishes. And the sound effects are as you remember them from the movies.

Battlefront II cranks all of these up to 11, adding new maps, more vehicles, playable hero characters, and space battles. Let me repeat that. Space battles. You can pilot X-Wings and TIE Fighters while fighting for dominance just outside the planet's atmosphere. If you're not sold by yet, I don't know what will. Playing it again, riding a Snowspeeder in the cold wasteland of Hoth while dodging the AT-AT's attacks still gives me the giddy feels. And that's what makes this game amazing. It feels like you're really in the Star Wars universe. From Dagobah's swampy atmosphere to the vastness of the space battles, you couldn't ask for a better setting. While it didn't change much to the original formula, these added features made it feel like a whole different game. And it's a prime example of what a sequel should be.

Compared to the DICE's Battlefront, Battlefront II is meatier in terms of features. I'm not saying the reboot is bad, it's actually pretty fun and intense. It just didn't live up to the hype of the previous games. Single player campaigns and all that jazz. I see no reason why you would not want to play this game, it still holds up fairly well. While the graphics do look outdated and some of the controls feel somewhat slippery, it's still a fun experience. Nothing a few mods can't fix. And it's easy to acquire too. It's available on both Steam and GOG for a fair price, and online play is still possible. If you're a Star Wars fan and have yet to play this classic, be sure to give that Snowspeeder one last ride.

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This article is part of GameGulp's Star Wars Special, a countdown commemoration for the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

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