‘MapleStory Blitz’ is a trading card game based in the world of MMORPG ‘MapleStory’

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Nov 11, 2017

MapleStory MapleStory Blitz Nexon

Fans of the side-scrolling MMORPG MapleStory can now enjoy its mobile card game version.

MapleStory Blitz allows players to build their decks and participate in six story quests for Ncoin rewards, which can be used to acquire more cards and keep the cycle of consumerism going. Another way to get rewards is by fighting other players in PvP, or keeping things simple in PvE. In these modes, you can utilize classic heroes, including Mercedes, Phantom, Kyrin, Oz, and Demon Slayer. There are weekly afternoon login rewards and boosters for weekend morning logins, so logging in for a couple of minutes helps make you a Duel Master.

The game is free to play on Android and iOS devices in Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands and the Philippines.

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