The Miitomo mobile app is the first step of Nintendo's wayfaring toward foreign territories. Pokemon Go churned out its second phase, and that wasn't even the biggest news about it - at least for hardcore Nintendo fans - it's the fact that the game was developed by someone not from Nintendo.

Now with the introduction of the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus, Apple has surprised us when Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, walked onstage with Hideki Konno, director and game/character designer of several Mario games.

"We was totally blindsided yo."

Super Mario Run
is announced for the iOS, as a semi-free app. Players will be able to download the game on December 2016 through the iTunes store and play a certain portion of the game. The rest will have to be purchased.

The game is a 2D runner app, where we have Mario running across Mushroom Kingdom and jumping over obstacles and the dick-headed Goombas with a single tap on the screen. We've yet to hear more details about it, and we're hoping it has a course creator to make it the Nintendo version of Geometry Dash.

The development of this app shows us a thing or two about the future of Nintendo. It simply means the company is finally opening its doors and willing to embrace foreign culture.

This could also coincide with Nintendo's plans in developing a mobile platform of their own. It is heavily rumored that the upcoming Nintendo NX will have a tablet-like appearance and runs games on cartridges. It's not an impossible thought. We are getting media storages up to 128GB in a tiny microSD card. And with continued efforts by companies like Samsung and Toshiba in developing memory cards, a big-ass game could certainly fit in a tiny cartridge, even if it happens to be micro-sized.

If the NX will be tablet-like, what about controllers? Apple controllers from Apple TVs are thinner than smartphones. Huh. Now that's been mentioned, there could be more happening that we don't know.

Politics be damned, we want to know what's going down there. Anyhow, Apple has boldly stated that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will have a console-like gaming experience. That's a load of Js. It's vague but not impossible from Nintendo games. Yes, we're insinuating that Nintendo and Apple are bouncing balls together, quite typical for isolated companies to buddy up to forge one super isolated company.

Time to see where this is all heading. 

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