History was made in this year's World Championship for League of Legends held in San Francisco, USA. For the first time ever, an international wildcard team has made it out of the group stage. The Russian team, Albus NoX Luna, played their hearts out and showed the world that they didn't get there by chance.


Albus NoX Luna is the League of Legends team of their gaming organization. The team was formed on May 23, 2016 from the roster of their previously named group, Hard Random. Since then, they have performed well in the professional scene and won over TORNADO ROX and Vega Squadron in the League of Legends Continental League Summer Playoffs to secure a spot at the International Wildcard Qualifiers. Despite getting only 4th place in the group stage, they were able to achieve victory against the first seed, Lyon Gaming, and earned their ticket to the World Championships.


TOP: Smurf

Name: Dmitry Ivanov

Age 22

Bio Smurf used to play DotA before getting into League of Legends. He debuted as a support player in the game back in 2014 with the team Dolphins of Wall Street. He was then recruited by Hard Random in 2015 where he played as the top laner.

His nickname came from the Belgian comics, The Smurfs.

Top Picks: Poppy, Trundle

JUNGLER: PvPStejos (ste-yos)

Name Alexander Glazkov

Age 19

Bio PvPStejos used to play Starcraft 2 before getting into League of Legends. He debuted in the professional scene in 2013 with TITANS ESPORTS before moving on to Hard Random as their jungler, despite being a top lane main before that. He is currently enrolled in a college at Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

Top Picks: Graves, Nidalee, Elise

MID  Kira

Name Michael Garmash

Age 23

Bio Kira debuted in the professional scene of League of Legends in 2014 while playing for team Carpe Diem. He quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most impressive mid-laners in his region. Within the same year, he moved on to team Hard Random continuing his role in the mid lane. He is known for his humble and positive personality coupled with his aggressive playstyle. He is married and has one daughter.

His nickname comes from the main character of the popular manga-anime series, Death Note.

Top Picks: Vladimir Viktor, Jayce, Anivia

AD CARRY: aMiracle

Name Vladislav Scherbyna

Age: 23

Bio: aMiracle has been playing League of Legends since 2010. He achieved the highest solo queue ranking shortly after the Russian server was created. He debuted in the professional scene in 2014 when he was recruited by Team Just. He moved on to play for TORNADO ROX in 2015 but quickly joined team Hard Random by the end of the year.

Top Picks: Lucian, Sivir, Ashe, Kalista, Miss Fortune

SUPPORT: Likkrit

Name: Kirill Malofeev

Age: 21

Bio: Likkrit began playing League of Legends in 2013 and by the following year, was recruited by Team Empire due to his high solo queue ranking. In 2015, after moving to and fro between various teams, he settled to play for team Hard Random, keeping his role as a support. He is known for his unique choices of support champions, such as Brand.

Top Picks: Bard, Brand, Taric, Tahm Kench

These guys prove that their love for a game is truly powerful and that, in the words of Likkrit, "Being an underdog doesn't mean being a loser!" So don't give up on that solo queue. Keep trying, keep learning, and keep climbing! Good luck and see you on the Rift!

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Ace is a Potterhead who plays MOBA games at night and creates Science courses during the day. She is also a unicorn on land and a mermaid in water.

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