MIA Online gets release date

Written by: Francis Peralta

Games | Dec 1, 2018

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New MMORPG, MIA Online, is set to launch on December 4 for Android and iOS devices. A PC release it set for a later date. And before you ask, there's crossplay between the two OS devices, which is a real sweet deal. 

Though it's not confirmed, it is hinted that you can use your mobile accounts on the PC version, for a more flexible game play experience.

One of the more interesting game play aspect that I'm personally looking forward to is "Nation War." It's a 3v3 or 10v10 PvP mode. 

Call me crazy but the game is somewhat reminiscent of RAN Online. You can also choose one of the six available heroes: Ranger, Assassin, Melodist (fancy name for mage), Paladin, Berserker, and Mystic (Another mage-type).

The game is free-to-play but there will be in-app purchases to customize and upgrade your character. We'll be checking out this game to see exactly what that means.

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