Mobile Action RPG 'Dragon Nest II Legend' is now playable in the Philippines

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Aug 30, 2017

Dragon Nest 2 Legend Nexon Korea

In case you haven't found anything to do during the long commutes home (like, you know, read a good book or brush up on your prayers), you might want to give Dragon Nest II Legend a try.

Unlike its namesake, the title allows players to slay monsters and become legends by killing off a gigantic Black Dragon. Taking place 500 years before the first game, you take on the role of one of many characters and create a customized playstyle using the game's various skill trees.

Just like many RPGs, completing dungeons and leveling up rewards you with gear you can outfit your anime-looking character in - making them look like a humanoid tank composed of scrap metal and spiky hair.

Players can then show off their new aesthetics to others by way of the game's two multiplayer modes. "Nest Mode" requires friends and complete strangers to band together to take down a dungeon's boss, while the "Arena" mode lets less-than-friendly competitors duke it out using their strongest items.

Dragon Nest II Legend is now available as a free download on both iTunes and Google Play.

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