MoKai Adventure might just be a fine mobile alternative to Pokémon GO

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Apr 14, 2017

MoKai Adventure Werold

Last July 2016, Niantic released a small mobile cock-fighting simulator called Pokémon GO. By minimizing Nintendo's famous franchise and putting it into mobile devices, the title did the most un-video game thing a video game could do by forcing its players to go outside and socialize. The fad lasted a couple of months, and with users crowding national monuments and getting hit by Pokémon GO users in vehicles, it isn't hard to see why.

Fast forward to 2017 where a brand new free-to-play mobile game called MoKai Adventure wants to make itself known in this world of Pokémon and Digimon. Created by Taiwanese indie studio Werold, the game has you collecting and raising over 150 kinds of MoKai before pitting them against each other like a modern day Julius Caesar.

In order to be the very best like no one ever was, you need to utilize MoKai Adventure's Promote, Evolution, and Enhance systems which allow you to upgrade your feeble creatures into muscle-bound psychopaths that will obliterate the little animals you find in the wild.


This allows you to stuff your low-level weaklings with so much food and veterinary steroids that either they die from obesity or man up and burn all that in the gym. Different types of food will increase different attributes, so make sure that you're feeding your MoKai a healthy diet instead of just Cheetos and Coke.


Over the course of your adventure, you will no doubt come across more than one of a single kind of MoKai. Now this may suck by traditional video game standards, but MoKai Adventure lets your stronger monster consume the weaker one in order to drain it of its life force and increase its overall stats by 5%. You can do this for up to five times with a single MoKai, thereby turning him into a very powerful cannibal.


If cannibalism wasn't enough for you, then the Enhance feature lets your creepy companions move out of their comfort zone and consume different types of MoKai. Just like Evolution, Enhance lets you increase your monsters' stats but is completely dependent on which species of monster you eat. Beast-type monsters increase your physical attack, zombie types increase your defense, and so on.

If you manage to do all these things and your MoKai resembles a miniature Hulk Hogan with a five-star rating, then you can use special items which will help it Awaken. But instead of the traditional awakening where you're normally cranky after an hour-long nap, Awakening increases your MoKai's overall power level and gives him a slightly cooler appearance.

As soon as you assemble your A-Team of overpowered MoKai that look more like heavyweight bodybuilders than cute critters, the question then becomes how you go about pitting them against the rabid creatures you come across.

The game's battle system involves organizing six MoKai into rows of two. The ones in the front row, the vanguard, are usually the toughest looking and most used monsters you have while the rearguard is composed of those three which you bear a slight resentment towards. You can switch the positions of your team in real-time and use physical, magic, and ultimate attacks to get the drop on the AI that thinks Bulbasaur is a cool starting Pokémon.

But enough about that! You want to take a look at how the folks at Werold managed to create and name monsters that look drastically different from over a thousand other fictional Japanese pets!


Unlike the monsters in the 1984 comedy horror film Gremlins, this gremlin does not turn into a temperamental lizard when exposed to sunlight but rather enjoys hoarding weird things like an overzealous raven. Quite possibly the flagship MoKai of the franchise, the fact that its silhouette looks like a horned Pikachu will help newcomers remember this monster's name.

Angel Float

With a name that could be shared with a tasty summer beverage, the Angel Float literally carries a bag full of marshmallows on its back as it flies around dropping diabetes on its foes. While by no means intimidating, this sky blue-colored menace's treats grant luck to anyone who eats them, making Mokai Adventure's worlda prime advertisement site for Hershey's products.

Skeleton Bat

Unlike Pokémon's Cubone, whose skull helmet had a pretty depressing backstory, Skeleton Bat does not wear the remains of its mother's head as a grim reminder of the past. Instead, this mouthless creature likes to hang upside down near a cave's entrance and watch the sunset. It isn't known if the Skeleton Bat likes long walks on the beach, but this MoKai seems to be one of those hopeless romantic types that loves fruit and handwritten poetry.

MoKai Adventure will launch its open beta in the Philippines this coming mid-April on W00T, the Google Play Store, and iTunes. If you're tired of running into lampposts and getting mugged while playing a mobile game, then give this one a shot.

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