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Written by: Karen Benitez

Games | Feb 1, 2018

Capcom Monster Hunter Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World is an awesome game. While there have been other Monster Hunter games, my closest comparison would have to be Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite on the PSP.

Monster Hunter: World is the first console game since Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. It's vicious and difficult, but is far more accessible than Freedom Unite ever was.

That's not to say the game isn't fun. But let's get this straight: Monster Hunter: World is a grind fest. You take quests to hunt down monsters, forage herbs, and master your chosen weapon. Everything you do is a grind. You learn a little more each time you play: monster movements, weak points, and when to strike for greater efficiency. It's a massive game that requires dedication.

The maps are huge. You traverse through the massive landscapes, tracking your prey until you catch up to it. Then it's a matter of skill whether to slay or capture it. You will want to revisit the same monsters again and again to gather the materials you need to complete your equipment set. Such is the case in every Monster Hunter game and is the first step in mastering this one.

Monsters on the verge of death will retreat to hide and recuperate. The hunt after can get boring, and, in truth, you will feel a little empathetic toward these virtual monsters. Well-placed traps can prevent them from fleeing, helping cut down the time to finish the job. In some instances, if a quest is too much, you can send out SOS flares to signal other real-world players for assistance.

Perhaps the best improvement Capcom added into the game was the ecology and how monsters react to the environments and to each other. They describe it as a "living ecology", which adds true depth to monster hunting. Like everything else in the game, you learn these organically and develop a sense of how to take advantage of these situations for future hunts.

There's also a Story Mode in World, but it's forced and filled with bad dubs and lip-synching. From what I've experienced thus far, the campaign acts as the tutorial, where it teaches you every little detail that you will need to know. Because once you finish it all, you get to do the High Rank quests, which is where the real game starts.

Monster Hunter: World is beautiful and intricate. It fixes the flaws from the scars left behind by Freedom Unite and possibly from the rest of the games that followed. It's quite a masterpiece of a game that only gets better the more you play it.

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