MSI extends its Chinese New Year promo until March 15

Written by: Stef Atega

Tech | Feb 25, 2017

gaming laptop MSI promo Steelseries

In case you missed it, MSI launched a Chinese New year promo that offered discounts and freebies. The promo was supposed to end last February 21, but since the MSI PH Notebook Facebook page reached its goal of 150,000 Facebook likes, the brand is giving back to its fans by extending it.

Just to refresh your minds, you can get cool freebies such as Steelseries headsets, Steelseries mice, and other MSI items when you buy certain MSI gaming laptops. To know more details and which respective laptop models have discounts and freebies, you can visit the promo album on MSI PH Notebook's Facebook page.

If your wallet is ready, you can find the nearest authorized store here.

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