MSI's GE63VR and GE73VR Raider laptops are built to look like a sports car

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Tech | Sep 1, 2017

gaming laptops GE63VR GE73VR MSI Raider

... but can they get the ladies? New laptops always look flashier than their predecessors, but it's what's under the hood that really counts.

So what do the new GE63VR/73VR Raiders have which their past iterations don't?

The laptops run with a 120Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time panel, making them ideal for long gameplay sessions with strange teenagers online. The monitor itself can produce up to 120 frames per second and is calibrated with 94% NTSC Color Gamut (sadly, colorblind people cannot make full use of this feature).

To add sound to sight, the new computers also use Dynaudio Giant Speakers, which increase audio by up to 50%.

As for laptop interaction, the keyboard now has Per-Key illumination, lighting up your dark basement and providing you with in-game stats like remaining ammo and health levels. In addition to digital information, the keys are designed with 1.9mm key travel, a dedicated WASD zone, and anti-ghosting capability for up to 45 keys.

To keep these features working without the laptop heating up like a dog on Viagra, MSI has built in Cooler Boost 5 dual whirlwind blade fans, 7 heat pipes, and 4 airflows into its cooling module. The resulting noise from these components were not specified, but considering the larger speakers put into the machine, there may be a reason why the audio volume was increased by half.

The MSI's GE63VR/73VR Raider is now available for purchase in the Philippines.
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