MSI's newest laptop and promo announced with software streaming starter kit

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Tech | Sep 11, 2018

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At the 2018 IFA, MSI announced the P65 Creator.

It's a powerful laptop with an Nvidia GTX 1070 card for the White Limited Edition. The Silver Edition gets a mere 1060, though no less powerful to run games like "Assassin's Creed Origins," "Overwatch," and titles for the next two or so years. 

Yes, this is MSI's dastardly way of misdirection, showing you an attractive model first before the laptop. It's also a way from them, to let everyone know that gaming doesn't need to look "gamer." Honestly, it's quite sexist.

MSI washes their hands from the traditional gamer-look in laptops and the result with the P65 Creator is more of a machine designed for work than play. Partly because of the bundled software aptly called "MSI Creator Software Pack Bundle" which is indeed, quite a mouthful. 

Damn it MSI! How can we see it with all this white?

That's a little bit better. Less professional, but at least we can see it. Don't you guys think the laptop is nice?

The list of software includes: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus 2018, for video editing; MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2017, for audio editing; Painter Essential and Paintshop Pro X9 for thumbnail designs' MAGIX Youcast, for your podcasting needs.

This is a limited promo, however, and will only run from September up to the 31st of December this year. MSI also noted that this is also based on their supplies, if they run out before the promo ends, they will no longer restock the laptops with all these software.

So, starting to firing up your YouTube/streaming channel or podcast? MSI has your starter pack.

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