New "Finding Dory" Trailer Drops

Written by: Jon Castillo

Film | Nov 11, 2015

Disney Pixar

2003 saw "Finding Nemo" as one of Disney Pixar's best family films. It had been an emotional blockbuster, starting from the death of Marlin's family up until his hard-fought journey to get his sole surviving son back. It's tough to make a sequel for films like it, especially when sequels tend to suck.

While Marlin and Nemo's story is complete, there is one character in the film that was left out of the equation: Dory. After twelve years, we finally get the first glimpse of the sequel "Finding Dory," first posted by Ellen Degeneres in her show. Check it out.

No details were revealed for now, but the trailer tells us it's about Dory suddenly remembering she has a family. She sets out on this quest, accompanied by Marlin and Nemo - most likely in an act of repayment from the first film.

Albert Brooks and Ellen Degeneres reprise their roles as Marlin and Dory, respectively. Unfortunately, Nemo's voice actor grew up, that's why we're getting a new one, Hayden Rolence, who sounds just like the original Nemo.

The film is slated to be released in June 2016.

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