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Written by: Jon Castillo

Film | Dec 1, 2015

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A new sneak peek on "Batman v Superman" has recently been uploaded.

The 50-second trailer shows Batman tied up with two other prisoners in some underground tunnel, which, for some reason has a very Middle-Eastern vibe. (Or it could be just a desert somewhere). Superman lands into the tunnel, and the prison guards kneel as the Big S strides toward Batman, looking jack pissed.

The film sees the confrontation between two of DC Comics' poster boys, serving as the introduction for the planned "Justice League" film. Any filmgoer, enthusiast, and geek, can see a mile away that Batman, being the underdog here, will definitely kick Superman's ass, especially with a Kryptonite actually seen in another trailer.

With director Zack Snyder we can expect the film to be flashy with epic (almost over the top anime) fight scenes, as seen from his previous films such as "Sucker Punch" and "300."

Writers Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer, who have written on "Argo" and "The Dark Knight," respectively, should give hope of a solid story to fuzz about.

Confirmed films for the DC Extended Universe are "Suicide Squad," "Wonder Woman," "The Flash," "Aquaman," "Shazam," "Cyborg," and "Green Lantern." (Please let that last one be a reboot).

"Batman v Superman" is scheduled to be released in the US on March 25, 2016.

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