NieR: Automata is wild, crazy, and depressing. It shows you the front door only to lead you off of a cliff.

That's how NieR: Automata feels like.

If you've played the first game then you will know that the titles carry a lot of emotion. But enough of that - let's talk more about the game, shall we?

The gameplay is fast and exciting. It is the action RPG hybrid many of us had hoped to see. Combat is fast, wild, and the action sequences are outright gorgeous with a lot of pretty visuals (things you come to expect from a Platinum Games title).

The world is everything you would expect from a post-apocalyptic game, meaning it's full of wastelands and things trying to survive. It's all laid out like that but you'll experience a lot of excitement as you wander around, find new stuff, and talk to NPCs - all of which are interesting. You'll also get a lot of wondrous vistas to set your sights on, so make a habit of using your PlayStation 4's screen capture features.

Upgrades come in the form of chips - memory-based components that add skills. It is a puzzle in and of itself. You only have so much memory at any given time that you're required to remove certain chips to install the ones you really need. The mini-map and HUD are just a few mechanics that require chips so if you don't need them, it's best to remove them and make room for those that you think are essential.

This part of the system is fun as it allows you to tweak 2B's skillsets based on your surroundings. You can always purchase memory expansions to equip more chips but they will never be enough to allow you to use all the available abilities. You will always have to learn to how to compromise and make the best out of the situation. You can even customize your pod (that thing that follows 2B around) to fire everything from machinegun pellets to missiles.

There's another mode of combat where 2B rides in battle armor to engage in gigantic boss fights. Have you ever played the .hack//GU games? It's almost the same principle when Haseo transforms into Skeith, only a little bit cooler. These huge battles take on a bullet-hell scenario, where a crazy amount of firepower is launched toward 2B, and it's your job to navigate around this labyrinth of destruction while dishing out tiny amounts of damage to the boss.

If you're familiar with the NieR franchise, then you'll know that there are multiple endings to this game. So when you finish the game once, you can start anew with everything you've got from the previous game AND another chance at a different ending. This encourages multiple runs and more chances for you to discover the wonderful world the developers have crafted.

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