Nintendo Direct has just concluded and while there had been some disappointments over the lack of information on hyped titles like "Metroid Prime 4," "Super Mario Maker,"  there are plenty of things to get excited about.


Game Freak - yes, the guys that made Pokemon - are making a monster-based game on Switch called "Town." (Well, they don't have a name yet, so they're sticking to "Town" for now.) Monsters in this game are not small and so cute you can pop their eyeballs by hugging them so tight. Nah, Game Freak's done with all that. The monsters in "Town" are huge. 

Animal Crossing

"Animal Crossing" is getting a Switch game. Not a port. But a dedicated, original, Switch exclusive game. Yes, there is plenty to get excited about. There's no discussion here. If you haven't gotten a Switch yet, then with "Animal Crossing" you should be.

Yoshi's Crafted World

Finally, we get some solid details on the new Yoshi game. If you don't know, Yoshi is a dinosaur in "Super Mario Bros" games, allowing a wide variety of new techniques to perform. The most prominent is using Yoshi as a "second jump" where Mario ejects from Yoshi, while jumping off a cliff, which always results to the latter's demise. So, yes, these Yoshi-based games are redemption. Or rather, Yoshi Heaven, since all these games are so cute and fun-spirited.

Super Special Mention

"Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn" looks like another amazing 2D platformer, while getting the "yarn" treatment as seen in Wii U's "Yoshi's Wooly World." And it looks fun as hell!

You can watch the entire Nintendo Direct here

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