Nintendo Direct: New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe... wtf?

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Features | Sep 14, 2018

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We all know it was coming. A "Super Mario Bros." game for the Nintendo Switch. The idea was inevitable. We would expect new levels, new power ups, new game modes, new Star Roads to break open. But damn it Nintendo!

In the end, during the Nintendo Direct event just now, turns out, we're having another port from the poorly received Wii U. That's right, we're getting a port of "New Super Mario Bros. U." only slap it with the "Deluxe" name.

It's gong to come bundled with a new edition of Switch on January. It will also include "New Super Luigi U." 

This is lame. 

So, what's happening?

It was not clear from the get-go, Nintendo is focused on porting games from the Wii U. Reasons may include, to make up for the poor Wii U sales. Considering a lot of people missed out on the Wii U version of Mario, this is their chance to spread the jumping, mushroom-popping joy of Mario and Luigi. Another reason, which we strongly believe, is that no games are prepared for the Switch. Nintendo is biding their time to make Switch original games using ports.

Also, money grab.

Even Mario doesn't seem too happy about it.

It's already heavily assumed by the Mario community that "Super Mario Maker" has killed the traditional Mario games. The port can also be an assessment from Nintendo if people would still be interested in having a dedicated, traditional Mario game. 

But then again, if it were all about saving princesses and jumping around platforms and going through pipes, Nintendo could simply release a different game mode in "Super Mario Maker 2" with levels from Nintendo directly, similar to what they had done to the first game.

At this point, Nintendo is certain that people will just buy fun games. 

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